Frustrated 1st time CEAW Mac user

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Frustrated 1st time CEAW Mac user

Post by Partizanchik » Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:16 am

I'm a first time user having problems getting started with the Mac version of CEAW 3.0. I just bought & downloaded the game onto my Macbook Pro (OS High Sierra 10.13; 2.9 GHz Intel Core 7; 8 GB 1600 MHz RAM; Intel HD Graphics 4000, 1536 MB display). When I open in low resolution, I simply can't enlarge the detail enough to see the units clearly. When I open in high resolution (according to game specs, 2 GHz), the game freezes on that screen and goes no further.

What's the solution? (I'm not going to revert to an older OS.) Is this game wrong for my specs?

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Re: Frustrated 1st time CEAW Mac user

Post by pk867 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:34 pm


One, you should update the OS to v10.13.2.

Two, With the application closed, In Documents /CEAW Grand Strategy v4.0 Delete the GS400_settings.txt file

Three, When you restart the game, Select language to use, "High video" memory 2.0GB, you have to use Automatic password with 10.13.*,
with your Monitor that you have you should be able to select High Resolution 1920x1080. If you select "Full screen" the monitor should change to
1920x1080. I prefer "Windowed" so I can switch easily to other aspects of the Mac. You may have to go into preferences for your screen and select "More"
The Mac defaults to a lower resolution.

I have posted workarounds in general forum on High Sierra 10.13.* and playing the AI and HotSeat game saving.

I hope this helps

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