Battle of the Bulge: FAQ and Known Issues

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Battle of the Bulge: FAQ and Known Issues

Post by jeffd » Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:25 pm

This post will serve as a combination FAQ and Known Issues list for Battle of the Bulge. Check back, because it will be updated frequently as questions come in.

What is Battle of the Bulge and how can I get it?
Battle of the Bulge is a turn-based wargame by designer John Butterfield, developed by The Shenandoah Studio for the Apple iPad. It is a historical simulation of the last major German offensive on the Western Front of World War II. It is available exclusively through the App Store.

What systems will Battle of the Bulge run on? Are there any plans to port the game to other platforms?
Battle of the Bulge will run on any model Apple iPad device running iOS 5.0 or later, including the iPad mini. It will also run on iPhone 3GS or later. Porting to other platforms such as Android or Windows Surface (or desktop systems like Mac OS X or Windows) would require a major redevelopment effort. While we don't rule out such a project for the future, we have no plans to do it.

I’m having trouble with online play (Game Center)
Check the specific questions below, or a YouTube video.

How can I find opponents for Battle of the Bulge?
You can play Bulge against the built-in AI or face to face against a friend, but if you'd like to find online opponents just register for our forums and see our Post Your GameCenter ID thread. Or just start an online game without inviting someone, which will auto-match against another player who did the same.

But the “Online” buttons are disabled!
Be sure you have a Game Center account and are logged in. (If necessary, use the Game Center app, or Game Center in the Settings app, to log out, then switch back to the game to log in.)

What happens if I send a Game Center turn without connectivity?
If you are playing on the train and enter a tunnel just as you’re completing your turn, the game saves it to transmit later.

How come I can’t invite a friend to play?
Your friend doesn’t need to own the game (at least under iOS 6) but if they have turned off Game Invites in their Game Center account, you will get an error message.

I should have earned an achievement, but didn’t!
Achievements are stored on Game Center, so you need to be sure you’re logged in to a Game Center account (see above).

How can I see all my achievements
At the moment, you need to launch the Game Center app, tap Games, and then Battle of the Bulge. You can also tap a friend and compare their achievements to yours.

The game is completely stuck!
If completely restarting the game doesn’t work (because it restores to the same point), you may need to delete the game and reinstall it (either from the App Store or by syncing). This will lose any AI or face-to-face game in progress, but will not affect Game Center.

I can't see where the rivers/towns are on the map.
During testing, we found that some players find the front line and pieces obscure terrain features such as rivers and buildings. To temporarily hide everything on top of the game map, press and hold anywhere on the map that does not have a piece over it. You can also remember that rivers are curved, while other space boundary lines are straight.

Are there known issues with the game?
The following is the current list of known issues with Battle of the Bulge. Shenandoah developers are aware of these issues and are working to resolve them in a future update if possible. We thank you for your support of the game, and ask for your patience.
  • If you complete a Game Center turn, but the other player never receives it and Game Center still thinks it's your turn, delete Bulge and download it from the app store. This clears all locally saved games, and you should be able to continue the game from Game Center.
  • If one Game Center player is running version 1.2 and the other is running an older version, games may become corrupted (you will see odd supply state). Be sure both players are on 1.2
  • If one Game Center player is running version 1.1.1 or earlier and opens an invitation to play Bitter End, End Game or Luck of the Draw from a player running 1.2 or newer, the game will crash.
  • On iOS 5.0 or 5.1, if the Game Center dialog is open inside the game when an online turn comes in, the app can crash. This is an issue with Game Center, and unfortunately not one we can fix. The only solution is to update to iOS 6.0 or later.
  • On the iPad 1, sound can drop out unexpectedly or, in rare cases, the app can quit altogether without warning. This is caused by a low memory condition. Close other running applications (from the recently launched list), and restart the game.
  • GameCenter currently lists two Achievements for the game that cannot be earned. Achievements are in the 1.0.3 update.
  • GameCenter achievements are shown every time, even after you earned it. Fixed.
  • In the History section, the submenus to the left will not work if the page you're on is scrolled all the way to the bottom. Scroll up to the top of the article and try again.
  • If the Axis crosses the Meuse, they can win in the first few days even if the units don’t remain in supply. Fixed in the 1.0.3 update.
How do I get news about the game?
One way is to follow the game on Twitter: @TSS_Bulge.

What does the game post to Twitter and Facebook?
If you tap the Share button, the game posts a screen shot to your Twitter feed or Facebook wall. With Facebook, you can also choose the audience and album.

We never post anything automatically, and you always get a chance to edit the post before sharing.

Why can’t I post to Twitter or Facebook?
On iOS 6: Be sure you set up your account in the Settings app. On iOS 5.x: We use Apple’s built-in support, which is not available on the older system.

Why does it crash on my iPhone?
Are you running iOS 5.x? If so, update to a later version of the operating system.

I have a question that was not on that list.
Please post about your issue on this forum, or visit the game’s Support page.

Bulge is great!
That isn’t a question. But please spread the word, through App Store ratings or reviews, using the Share button, inviting friends to play, or just shouting from the rooftop.


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