History - UI bugs

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History - UI bugs

Post by sctooker » Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:01 pm

Seeing these on a 4th gen iPad (I'm being picky, but I really want Battle of the Bulge to be a shining example of what an iPad app should be. Attention to detail is a key part of that).

UI issues
- When you scroll the right side that has detail the table of contents on the left also scrolls
- It's unclear why the left side should scroll at all, since all the content fits
- the red underline doesn't show up many times when you tap on an entry with sub-items (Equipment, Biographies)
- It seems easy to get into a state where you can't tap on equipment and/or one of the sub-items and show the content
- Even when I can get the sub-items to show (Biographies) tapping on a sub-item results in the list of subitems disappearing. For example, tap on Biographies, and then tap on 'George S. Patton'.

Layout issues
- The titles for each section on the right are not crisp compared to the surrounding text for many sections ('Was It Worth It?', all items under Biographies, 'Axis Infantry Weapons', 'Allied Vehicles', 'Axis Vehicles', 'Glossary')
- You have this really nice American Typewriter font (or something similar) you use in Basics and other areas (the left side of the history), but then the font choices on the right side are a mess (Times Roman for the text itself and then a different font choice for the page titles and the captions, inconsistent use of drop caps). It certainly seems like the content could be laid out using the nicer American Typewriter font at the very least. Also, the line spacing on the text itself is very small making the text hard to read.
- I'm guessing that in many cases you are restricted by the source materials, but getting higher resolution images in place would make the various sections look a lot nicer on retina displays.
- The background image for 'History' is definitely not retina quality, unlike most of the other background images
- The overlay of the metals on the left hand side are not retina quality.

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