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Jeff and Eric will be speaking at PAX East

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:26 pm
by Pat
Jeff and Eric will both be speaking on panels at PAX EAST this weekend. Jeff is on Saturday at 3:00, here's the description:

How board games are entering and growing in the digital world.

Every month several high quality board games are ported to digital platforms such as iOS. Likewise, board game design has begun to influence video game design both with physical prototyping and borrowed game mechanics. Join moderator Brad Cummings of BoardGameGeek and a panel of game industry leaders Justin Gary, Mark Kaufmann, Colby Dauch, Jeff Dougherty, Sean Wilson, and Julian Murdoch as we discuss how bringing board games to the digital space is growing and changing the board game hobby and introducing it to a new crop of video game and casual game players.

Eric goes on at 7:30:

Worth A Thousand Words

How many excellent games are rendered unplayable by terrible interface design? As our computers and consoles have become more capable, interface design has sometimes struggled to keep up, making for unsatisfying or opaque experiences. At the same time, games such as Dwarf Fortress present blisteringly complex worlds through nothing more than ASCII, while modern Euro-style board games often bake the rules of the game right into the physical design.

Making extensive use of visual examples across every genre of game, on consoles and PCs, join the gang from the popular Three Moves Ahead strategy podcast (Rob Zacny, Troy Goodfellow and Julian Murdoch) as they examine what makes for great UI, who’s getting it right, and who should be inducted into the bad-UI hall of fame. Panelists include: Nels Anderson (Mark of the Ninja, Deathspank), Eric Lee Smith (Battle of the Bulge), Jon Shafer (Civilization IV) and Rob Daviau (Risk:Legacy, Heroscape).

Jeff and Eric will be speaking at PAX East

Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 5:00 am
by Arcianoro
Congratulations Jeff. I pray that you 2 will have many happy years together.