Battle of the Bulge Interactive Let’s Play!

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Battle of the Bulge Interactive Let’s Play!

Post by Daniele » Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:10 pm

The Battle of the Bulge, fought in the Ardennes Forest during the last moment of 1944, was one of the bloodiest battle fought on the Western Front. It was the last attempt made by the Germans to retake the initiative against the Allies but the ultimate goal was most ambitious: to repel the enemy to the beaches.

This is exactly what the Shenandoah title “Battle of the Bulge” is able to represent, and to better show the wide array of strategies the player could take, we release today the first Interactive Let’s Play!

In this operation, you are (partly) in command!

First, you will have to decide with which side you want to play: Axis or Allies.

After this choice you need to select the opponent you will face: by picking the Axis you will have at your side the advantage of initiative, and you will be able to challenge Montgomery – a very skilful defensive commander – or Patton – the famous American general known to attack in every situation, even if attacked himself!

On the contrary, playing as the Allies means to be prepared to confront the overwhelming power of the Oberkommando West (at least at the beginning), against the methodical old style Field Marshal von Rundstedt or against Dietrich, the cunning commander of the 6. Panzerarmee.

At the end of every video, you will have to make a choice between 2 tactical options.

To proceed (and to discover if your choice was successful or not) you have to hover your mouse on the screen at the end of the video and select the option you prefer. You have around 20 seconds to make a decision.

Are you better than Patton, Dietrich, Montgomery and von Rundstedt? Start the battle here and find out!

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