Battle of the Bulge Version 1.16 is live!

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Battle of the Bulge Version 1.16 is live!

Post by Daniele » Wed Dec 09, 2015 3:21 pm

Battle of the Bulge, the fast paced wargame simulating the tough battle fought between the Allied and the German forces on the Western Front, has been updated to Version 1.16!

This update greatly improves the multiplayer experience introducing a Real Time System, allowing the players to receive live updates in multiplayer sessions without waiting for a notification to return to the fight!

Together with this feature this version fixes some bugs (like the AI stuck on replacements phase bug) and improves the gameplay in many ways!

As always you can download the patch from [url=htp://]here[/url] (PC) or [url=htp://]here[/url] (Mac)

Check the full changelog below!

The game is also available on Steam

Changelog v1.16

Game features added:

- Real Time multiplayer system.
- Notifications in multiplayer system.
- You can now resign from and claim Multiplayer games on the game list menu.
- You can claim victory in games where your opponent has not made a move for 7 days

Game fixes:

- AI improved.
- Fixed a lot of multiplayer desynchronizations that caused the game to freeze.
- Fixed AI stuck on replacements phase bug.
- Breakthrough from 2 different tiles in the same turn should no longer cause unwanted behaviour.
- Overall improvement of game stability.
- Victory Points are now loading correctly in both Single Player and Multiplayer.
- You should no longer be stuck in History / Help menus in iOS.
- Fixed an issue where changing the language to Japanese and changing it back to English could cause the game to crash.

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Re: Battle of the Bulge Version 1.16 is live!

Post by richfed » Sat May 07, 2016 8:08 pm

The patch link seems broken.

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