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Bitter End versus Bulge scenarios

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:52 am
by NapoleonBonaparte
From my perspective, the Bitter End scenario is the best to play online. Bulge is better to play versus AI. For PBEM, Bitter End offers more choices to both sides. In Bulge, especially in tournaments the Allied player needs to really defend pretty far forward or the Axis will gain enough points to win the game. The Allied player cannot really stop an experienced competent Axis player from taking one flank or the other apart from some amazing luck. Conversely, the Axis is under pressure to grab objectives when spending an extra day or two might better develop the offense. As Allied I have come back from a German score as high as 63 points in Bitter End to win. In Bulge it would have resulted in automatic point victory for the Axis.

In Bitter End, the Allied player can give up an objective like Bastogne to preserve his Army for a counterstroke. On the Axis side, you can take a bit longer to develop your offense. This is especially true if you make the main attacks south through Bastogne. I have lost games early even though I had developed dominating positions.

For AI, it is better to end the pain early with early victories rather than drag out till the end.