Game freezes at the end of the AI turn

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Game freezes at the end of the AI turn

Post by wrongplanet67 » Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:05 pm

I previously played Order of Battle and the following DLCs without any problem: US Pacific,US Marines, Burma, Winter War, Blitzkrieg.
I repurchased and reinstalled OOB on a new Steam account and started playing again, first Bootcamp and now US Pacific.

The game froze twice at the end of the AI turn.
In the Bootcamp mission where you have to sink the enemy battleship and two enemy carriers the game froze at the end of the AI turn after conquering the first victory location that's located in the sea. This was reproducible and I avoided it by taking this and the other victory location in the sea only at the last turn.
In the US Pacific mission after Pearl Harbor on the Philippines it froze again and repeatedly at the end of the AI turn. I cannot identify a trigger. I cannot attach the Player.log, End of Turn.saz and options.dat files because the extension is not accepted and "Your post looks too spamy for a new user".

I am playing on an iMac with version 5.2.0 which is as far as I know the latest Mac version. I do not have the latest Panzerkrieg DLC installed (yet). I do stress again that in the past I played more than 300 hours without problem. Previous freezes occured only during long plays and were always remedied by exiting and restarting the game. Now the freezes occur without easy solution.

Edit: I sent an email to the support email address with the necessary game files attached.

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Re: Game freezes at the end of the AI turn

Post by zakblood » Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:46 pm

if you sent direct and or opened a support ticket, they will replay direct, i dont have the access to those tickets and or account information so can't help, all i can say is they will replay asap, sorry for your issues

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