1.41 on test

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Re: 1.41 on test

Post by radar231 » Sun Apr 24, 2016 7:04 pm

Played and other home made mission by Cptalatriste : Take the Can. A long one with 16 turns and lot of troops / tanks. But we used sticky bombs and guess what, yes saddly the game froze when it was the time for the bombs to do their job. :twisted:

In Solo, Rogue or Campaign formats, there are no problems using them, why it is not so in multiplayer format :?:

Cpt Alatriste lost close to 3000 pts too :|

Hope for a solution soon, among others ones, because right now there is not that many players left it seems. :cry:

Help :mrgreen:

J. 8)

PS and when the game jam, there is no way to send a report

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Staff Sergeant - Kavallerie
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Re: 1.41 on test

Post by CptAlatriste » Mon Apr 25, 2016 6:16 am

Yes..make it free from this Bug....Myself I have enough!!!
I saw the Bomb exploded, (Only one hit.No move more) I could give my order, and play some Cards, and at least I pass the turn back to Radar231...
SInce 1.40 I sit again of 15000 Points...To the way of 450000 it s a lot of stuff... :(

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