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Devil Pig Games in Trouble

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:23 pm
by Dusty27
News from Devil Pig Games this morning.

"Dear customers and supporters, it has been far too long since we have last communicated with you.

Unfortunately, there is a reason for this: we are sorry to inform you that Devil Pig Games is in a particularly critical situation. We remain hopeful of getting out of this difficult time and fully assume our responsibility in the situation. A strategy error on the Kickstarter Strategic Resupply led to the fact that we worked at a loss. The relatively healthy situation so far then deteriorated sharply and our efforts were not enough to reverse the trend.

We have committed in too many projects and could not deliver. We hold ourselves accountable in front of you, our customers and our supporters, and apologize for not living up to our commitments.

This has impacts that some of you have already noticed: we had to prioritize project outputs according to their ease of implementation rather than their projected exit date for cash flow reasons. Some more recent projects have therefore been released before earlier ones.

For several months now, in order to minimize our operating costs and while all the production files of the various ongoing projects have already been finalized, we have also had to make a difficult choice: to put 4 members of our team out of work. The evolution of the situation will hopefully allow us to bring them back, but there is no guarantee at the moment.

Our objective remains to deliver what we promised.

The main issue today is to find the finances for our suppliers so that they can unblock shipments of products that are already manufactured. If we can sell some of our inventory, we will.

If you want to help us, don't hesitate to complete your collections of products already available: every euro will count to speed up the process.

We need to find an investor who can help us unlock the situation. If you are interested, you can contact us.

Another difficult decision: we have decided not to launch a new project until we have resolved the current situation.

As a result, we will better promote our assets and our range. In practice, this means publishing official scenarios for all products in the Heroes System range. We believe that this lack of scenarios has been a barrier for those who want to acquire some extensions. You already know the two scriptwriters who are coming to our rescue: Thia for Heroes of Normandy and Guillaume for Shadows over Normandy. For those who are interested, please note that any help available will be welcome.

We believe that a system only lives if there is something new and we will therefore offer you Print & Play items on our website to feed the range.

We will also change the way we communicate. We will be more present and more regularly, thanks in particular to Guillaume, who has offered us his support. You can consider his posts and answers as official answers. However, we ask you for a little understanding during the implementation of this new communication.

For tomorrow: our priority will be to refocus on our flagship game system, the Heroes System. The other systems will not be forgotten: we are multiplying contacts to try to find buyers and are confident that this will be successful.

We will also focus on our know-how: designing games. Our team has always been a small team of passionate and creative people, not managers, and we are therefore looking for a partner with whom we can partner to take over the financial and logistical management. We have contacted various players in the gaming industry and we hope that we will find common ground. But it is too early to tell you more about it.

We hope that this message will answer your questions. We thank you all for your support and loyalty, which gives us the strength to fight in this difficult time. Be convinced that we hope that the Devil Pig Games adventure will continue to offer you games that you will enjoy playing.

The Devil Pig Team"

Re: Devil Pig Games in Trouble

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:32 pm
by Dusty27
I wanted to see more from this game. I used to take pride knowing the cardboard is going strong. But today I learnt this not the case. If Devil Pig Games succumbs to its injuries and I where to speculate; I think Carnage and Age of Towers lack luster performance at retail are the defining culprits. The Card Game and fumbling with the Resupply Kickstarter also didn't help. I think if DPG wouldn't have fiddled around trying to develop themselves as a well rounded publisher and simply developed to their strengths they'd be okay today. Here is hoping this video game adaptation and Devil Pig Games in general have life yet to give.

Re: Devil Pig Games in Trouble

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 4:02 pm
by Cataphract88
It's a shame, :cry: I hope Devil Pig can survive this.

I play the board game, too.