Destruction of Buildings - BUG

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Destruction of Buildings - BUG

Post by JarOn » Sun Sep 11, 2016 10:38 pm

The way in which the buildings get damaged (or to be more precise: DO NOT get damaged) is at odds with the original rules of the Board Game in a somewhat game-breaking manner.

In the board game version, the rules state:
(in relation to units with "Destruction" ability, page 17 of the manual).

Every time they fire at a structure directly or at a unit within the structure,
they roll a number of dice equal to the value indicated in the symbol.
For each result equal to or greater than 4, place a Destruction marker on the structure.
If the number of markers reaches the value of the structure, it is destroyed.

In your version of the game this fails on a number of levels (all cases below assume that the attacking unit has the "Destruction" ability):
1. It is only possible to have a structure as a target when it is empty ( or have no valid target/unit inside).
2. If there is any unit inside a structure it is impossible to target the structure as the unit inside the structure is automatically targeted.
3. If the unit inside the structure was attacked, there is no roll for the damage to the structure (it should be done regardless of hitting the target unit according to the board game rules).

This makes a structure/building virtually indestructible as soon as someone occupies it.
For example in the 1st mission of 1st German Campaign "Little House on the Preirie" you can have 2 tanks and a panzerschreck unit pummeling at a house (Maison_01) and doing nothing while there should be 5 destruction rolls every round - 2 tanks with "2 Destruction" and 1 panzerschreck with "1 Destruction".

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Heroes of Normandie
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Re: Destruction of Buildings - BUG

Post by visualrob » Thu Sep 22, 2016 1:36 am

Hi, JarOn!

You're right on all accounts: our game differs a little bit from the board game when it comes to Destruction.

1/2) It's actually inconvenient. I will mark this as a problem to check/solve for one of the next versions.
3) This is a voluntary departure from the board game, as showing the effects of the shooting action AND then the destruction action was confusing for many players. If there's a big request to conform to the game, we will consider it.

But I understand what you're saying: the problem at 3 is bad because it doesn't allow you to destroy an occupied building, because of points 1 and 2.

I have marked this issue as a point to check and I will notify you here when we analyze it.

Thanks for being so clear and precise in your report.

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Private First Class - Wehrmacht Inf
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Re: Destruction of Buildings - BUG

Post by Insustancial » Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:05 am

2 years after the firts post of this issue, it is not solved... Is it going to be considered or the buildings in the game are going to be undestructibles forever ??

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