Surprising Hit of the Year - Long Review

Polaris Sector is a sci-fi 4X game that offers exciting exploration, detailed resource management, unique research mechanics and intense tactical combat.
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Surprising Hit of the Year - Long Review

Post by Kenya25 » Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:21 am

Just wanted to leave a review that might help those interested in deciding whether or not they want to try out Polaris Sector.

I've avoided this game since release due to the mixed reviews, however I recently bought it via GoG in their recent sale. I bought it because I wanted something new, something with great tactical depth, without being so fiddly/micro intensive as Distant Worlds Universe.

Polaris is refreshing, it's a 4X, but I'd say definitely focused on combat a lot more. Kind of like Stars in Shadow. There are multiple victory conditions however that I am still yet to explore. I've sunk about 8 hours into it now and am really enjoying it.

As I said, it's refreshing because each planet you colonize trickle feeds into your resources. Some planets are earth-like and as a result are great for food or just general production. Some planets are packed with resources or have a scientific anomaly that will then gear the planet to scientific research.

Science ends up being a resource just like the others. Which means it trickle feeds in at a specific rate, with your choice in buildings, which planets you colonize and research ships you build trickling it in faster.
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Re: Surprising Hit of the Year - Long Review

Post by bjgrt » Mon Jul 08, 2019 6:09 pm

Where is the long review? :?

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