Polaris Sector - First view - with Star Wars mod Alliance

Polaris Sector is a sci-fi 4X game that offers exciting exploration, detailed resource management, unique research mechanics and intense tactical combat.
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Re: Polaris Sector - First view - with Star Wars mod Allianc

Post by DasTactic » Wed Jul 20, 2016 11:18 pm

I've done comparisons against the config file and also looked to see if I can find anything that looks wrong but there doesn't appear to be anything anywhere. I'm running the game in Windows 10 but with Steam located on a D drive rather than in Program Files. I was thinking that there may have been a hard link somewhere that was trying to reference the usual Steam directory but I couldn't find it. The game is playable but there are some pretty OP ships that I'm up against. At time of recording the Hutts have only built a single large ship but it has shielding of 31800 where my ships are 600. I was thinking that perhaps this was the hero unit of the Hutts?

I'd love to try and correct it before I upload too many more episodes onto YouTube but I really don't know where else to look. There are a bunch of ship files in CELLINFO (.cli and .clr) and I'm wondering if these are the files that should be being loaded. I've got no clue as to what these files do or how to access them.

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