Lumens still need a regular food if conquer other races

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Lumens still need a regular food if conquer other races

Post by bjgrt » Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:16 pm

Vladimir has said that if Lumens conquer an other race's planet - the locals start "eating" energy ("hammers"). He said "dual feeding" system was too complicated to implement and didn't bring much "value". However, (from mine and several other Russian forum users experience) it seems like the (some sort of) "dual feeding" system is there as a bug/oversight.
Than you start conquering (and destroying "unneeded" farms) everything seems to be fine for a while - probably because food produced by colony modules build a hidden reserve during the first (peaceful) stage of the game. But at some point (in my case it was in the middle of conquering the second opponent) the hunger starts (accompanied by unrest). Increasing "hammers" production doesn't help. Police prevents revolts, but not the unrest. It seems like the only thing resolving the issue is building farms - so it seems like they really need a "classic" food.
I don't mind the mechanics being that way, but in this case we need to see the "classic" food statistics (at least the galaxy wide balance and reserve).

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