AF'11 observations, some work arounds & a request ...

Afghanistan '11 changes the paradigm of wargaming and manages to bring Counter-Insurgency and guerrilla warfare to your screen, properly represented thanks to a revolutionary gameplay formula!
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AF'11 observations, some work arounds & a request ...

Post by nolramchesnay » Tue Apr 11, 2017 5:52 am

- Slitherine edition for PC, non-Steam
- Battle of Panjwaii
- v.1.07Beta before start of battle (previously upgraded from v.1.05Beta to v.1.06Beta; never installed v.1.05 release)

1. Observation: Trucks sent to an FOB "disappear". Like named trucks at the same FOB, only one cargo will appear. For example, one truck carrying UN goods and the second carrying Ammo. Both trucks, auto-labelled at HQ as "Uniform Squadron" (ordered reinforcements at different times), are sent to the same FOB. Both arrive unharmed. The FOB's garrison list shows only one of those trucks and only one trucks's cargo. It seems like one of the truck's cargo is missing. Send Uniform out of the FOB and onto a village to deliver UN goods, then the second Uniform truck re-appears at the FOB with the Ammo.

1. a) Workaround: Every time I order reinforcements, I attach a number to the end of the auto-generated Squadron name, for example, "Zulu 37" Supply Truck because I ordered that re-inforcement on Turn 37. It could be any number as long it is not in use by another of the same Supply Truck company. This solution may apply to MRAPs, helicoptors or conveyance that transports.

2. Observation: Get a discount on your Airstrike or Drone costs. Yes, the cost of those airstrikes and drones goes up as I use them. At one point, it cost me 800 Political Points (PP) to take out a Militia company that generated 175 PP (lowest I've noticed)

2. a) Workaround: I simply End the Turn, Exit the game and then reload the campaign from where I left off. Et Voila! It now costs me sometimes as low as 50 PP to take out a Taliban Company, which then generates up to 1,100 PP back in the States.

3. Observation: MRAPs with ANA Infantry onboard show an American flag ontop of the MRAP's roof. Helicoptors with ANA Infantry onboard show the Afghanistan flag.
3. a) Workaround: None. Future patch?

4. Observation: The opening introduction for the Battle of Panjwaii describes Canadians and Afghanistan nationals working together in this battle. However, it is an American flag on HQ and American flags on Infantry. Afghanistan's flag appears on helos/personnel transport whenever ANA are onboard.
4. a ) Workaround: How about a Canadian flag? Canadian Infantry? MRAPs bearing Canadian flags?

I'm really enjoying the Nation-building aspect of this game. Thank you!

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Vietnam ’65 developer
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Re: AF'11 observations, some work arounds & a request ...

Post by Every Single Soldier » Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:19 am

1. have logged the same name issue on vehicles
2. will put an end to this :shock:
3. Fixed in V1.0.8 beta , due out today
4. Coming in a DLC near you :D

thanks for the great feedback ! :D

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