AF'11 v.1.08Beta observations & some work arounds

Afghanistan '11 changes the paradigm of wargaming and manages to bring Counter-Insurgency and guerrilla warfare to your screen, properly represented thanks to a revolutionary gameplay formula!
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AF'11 v.1.08Beta observations & some work arounds

Post by nolramchesnay » Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:29 am

- Slitherine edition for PC, non-Steam
- Operation Mountain Fury (Completed) & Operation Achilles (Incomplete. Currently on Turn 35 of 60)
- v.1.08Beta before start of battle (previously upgraded from v.1.05Beta to v.1.06Beta to v.1.07Beta to v.1.07 release; never installed v.1.05 release)

1. Intel map doesn't show troops in the field.
1.a) Workaround: End Turn, Exit AF'11 and then reload the campaign from where I left off.
1.b) Result: Intel map now displays troops in the field (not in the FOBs or HQ, as per design).

2. After a news article appears stating Drone costs have gone up, the Drone cost goes from 200 Political Points (PP) to 700 PP. Nothing wrong here, but if you want a lower PP cost, then ...
2.a) Workaround: End Turn, Exit AF'11 and then reload the campaign from where I left off.
2.b) Result: Get a 500 PP discount. Drone cost reduced back to 200 PP.

3. Slowness on gameplay (Operation Mountain Fury & Operation Achilles)
3.a) Delays not seen in v.1.07Beta, for example, click on US Infantry button to do an IED sweep, then a click on the Ambush button will result in a 5 second delay before any action takes place. Drones stop circling in the sky too, but audio is A-Ok.
3.b) Workaround: I simply End the Turn, Exit the game and then reload the campaign from where I left off.
3.c) Workaround II: see above, but do this every Turn to keep the Game responsive, as in not waiting 5 seconds after clicking on an Infantry action. Especially time saving if a player has 12+ Companies / Squadrons.

4. Clicking from Reinforcement tab to Garrison tab, there's a 15 second delay before the player can see what's garrisoned at HQ. For example, when there are 17 Company/Squadron units Garrisoned at HQ, the delay is 15 seconds. 20 second delay with 19 Company/Squadron units garrisoned at HQ.
4.a) Workaround: See 3.b) above.
4.b) Result: One second delay vs. 20 second delay.

5. MI8 helicopter dropped off ANA Infantry (near a highway), but both would not acquire their move points afterwards, even after pressing End Turn twice. Ran low on fuel after the MI8 and ANA Infantry could not be moved for three turns.
5.a) Workaround: See 3.b) above.
5.b) Result: Both were able to be moved; the MI8 was able to pick up ANA Infantry and move back to HQ before running out of fuel.

6. Buffalo won't repair MI8 at an FOB or a US Howitzer at a FOB.
6.a) Workaround: See 3.b) above.
6.b) Result: Buffaloes were able to carry out repairs to both MI8 and US Howitzer.

I am really enjoying this game! Thanks to all who contributed and made this possible. :)

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