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Re: Ideas for Panzer Corps 2

Post by maguro » Sun May 27, 2018 5:58 am

Aerologue wrote: 2. Supply for buying or upgrading to newly-introduced or rare units should be limited. For example the player may have access to 2 new Tigers and 1 Panther but 6 Panzer IVs. When he upgrades a Panzer IV to a Tiger, the supply adjusts accordingly (1 Tiger, 7 Pz IVs). So no matter how much prestige the player has, he cannot field a dozen Tigers for an easy win.
I like this idea a lot, especially if it could be an adjustable option in the scenario editor - maybe a script one could add in the scenario parameters.

Had my doubts about 3D but the screenshot looks better than expected. Looking forward to hearing more about PC2.
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Re: Ideas for Panzer Corps 2

Post by RandomAttack » Sun May 27, 2018 4:40 pm

IMO the real issue is a continuous self-feeding death spiral: Player gets to field large armies where everyone is elite & overstrength---> scenario designers assume this, so the OPFOR is ALSO elite & overstrength (and in extra-huge numbers) to ensure a challenge. It just gets worse and worse. It's unrealistic to play, say, the Berlin scenario with most of your tanks as Tiger II's and most of your units as "superheroes". It's also almost impossible to win if you don't do that. I submit the entire experience/overstrength/elite replacement mechanic is the cause of this. You can mod a lot of this in the current game, but then the scenarios become unbalanced so it would be a real chore to fix it all. I would love to see this addressed in PC2.

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Re: Ideas for Panzer Corps 2

Post by vakarr » Wed May 30, 2018 2:31 am

McChamp wrote:I like the idea of dual role for aircraft (recon vs. fighter/bomber) but would like the role to be only to be switchable when the unit is on an airfields, as with repair in PC1.

The switch could even change the stats of the unit in different ways, (depending on the unit?) which account for having to store camera equipment somewhere.
There could options like
a) All weapons replaced (attack 0, defense reduced)
b) Carrying less ammunition
c) Carrying less guns (reduced attack/defense and less ammunition).

As an alternative (or even additional) there might be a switch of "flight mode" which represents flying above or below the clouds. Of course you would have a better spotting if below the clouds, but would be more vulnerable to AA or fighter attacks (from above).
Well if you are doing photo recce then being higher doesn't necessarily mean a worse view (assuming no clouds) if you have high resolution cameras and good photo interpreters. A recce plane might have the same defense value as they did all sorts of things to make them go faster (eg filing down the rivets to make a smoother surface) so their main defence was to avoid being intercepted, or else give them the same evade possibility as submarines - it seems that taking away the guns and ammo was a net loss in weight and therefore an increase in speed. So if it's a fighter plane being used for recce it gets the evade characteristic and if its a bomber being used for recce it can fly higher to avoid interception/flak so keeping the same defence value.

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Re: Ideas for Panzer Corps 2

Post by AndySfromVA » Wed May 30, 2018 11:35 pm

I read a comment that I agree with 100%, that once you play a campaign or a scenario the game becomes repetitious. I'd like to see some variations from scenario to scenario in terms of
1-Starting location

I'd also like to see the introduction of random elements so that in the course of a scenario:
1-A new unit suddenly becomes available
2-Mechanical difficulties limit the usefulness of a unit
3-Partisans destroy a unit
4-An unexpected increase in supplies (prestige) suddenly becomes available.

The more you think about it the more random elements you can come up with.

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Re: Ideas for Panzer Corps 2

Post by Loamshire » Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:53 pm

Friendly units that are not under your control.

That's to say perhaps a number of SE infantry, foreign units, aviation or just units belonging to a different corps or army group.

These units may have their own agendas/objectives and could be a great help or a hindrance by blocking up roads etc. They could even be looking to steal some glory and so lower your prestige points. Or new orders - you now need to help them out but still don't control them - if they'd just get out of the way and let your men do the fighting!

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Re: Ideas for Panzer Corps 2

Post by ptje63 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 1:27 pm

What I would like to know if it is still worth the effort to suggest ideas for development of PC2. Scores of members have been suggesting countless usefull improvements and wishes, but I miss some feedback / response of the dev team of what is done with it.
Should we just be patient and wait, or can the dev team at least give some idea of what can be expected?
Needless to say I am just one of the many PC enthusiasts eagerly waiting for a sequal to this outstanding game ;-)

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Re: Ideas for Panzer Corps 2

Post by zimou13 » Thu Jun 07, 2018 9:04 am

I am not sure what you guys have in mind with the 3D aspect, whether the style will be similar but just looks better which is fine, it would be neat if there was a window that has hi res 3D model (realistic) of your unit and also a random generated background environment for the terrain its in (this in itself the background could be less detailed and blurred slightly as to give depth of field look since your unit will be front and center) and you see your unit fire up close, each time it does the cam view could have a different angle./position to make it interesting and not repetitive etc. There could be basic damage textures for vehicles and perhaps different poses for troops (eg some will have bandages and look very tired pose wise if wounded) also to represent and also have continuity with its hex counterpart. Plex Kodi Lucky Patcher
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Re: Ideas for Panzer Corps 2

Post by peterw » Sat Jun 09, 2018 5:53 am

My ideas:
- Japan Campaign
- Selectible bonus units
- Selectible heros (e.g. 3 are offered)
- Update ability for ships
- Buying ships (as core units)
- Switchable submarines (up-/down water)
My Italian Panzer Corps campaign Italia Victor!:

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Re: Ideas for Panzer Corps 2

Post by kyanzes » Wed Jul 18, 2018 3:02 pm

I'd be very useful to be able to partially reinforce (by one) units. It's been a frustration that it's not possible to do this. I can reinforce a unit with 1 strength to 10 strength but I cannot add 3 strength to three different strength-1 units. Makes very little sense.

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