So how factual is this article, and how is the game going to work?

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So how factual is this article, and how is the game going to work?

Post by RVallant » Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:42 pm

Specifically: ... verything/

A lot of it reads like dull promotional blurbs: 450 units! Woo-hoo?

But it's the bottom bit that worries me, under the 'DLC Model'

1. Taking inspiration from paradox

I hope not... I'm aware Paradox has one hell of a fanbase, but they are equally well renowned in some circles for putting out empty games that need 'filling in' via DLC. Hearts of Iron 4 was atrocious in this respect. So, I'm not exactly sure why this would be seen as a positive.

2. Slitherine don't want to replicate the 'Grand Campaign' model from PC1 as that's been done already and they doubt consumers would respond favourably to it.

Really? I could have sworn one of the dev teams replied on here that they were interested in doing the Grand Campaign again? But it's been a while since I've popped in on here anyway.

But really? The Grand Campaign was the best thing about PC for me. Being able to go through the major battles of the year, build your army and progress over a grand campaign was a fantastic thing. Hell, I honestly feel that there is a lot of room for improvement in the GC model. We've seen some good suggestions in the suggestion thread, such as writing briefings to take into account your successes on the front. The potential to shift the direction of the war via superior tactics or whatever.

I think it would be a shame if the GC was considered dead in the water already, especially as there are so many frontiers you could go to. A Japanese GC, the traditional German West/East, a more in-depth Russian campaign, a British European and a British-Asia GC. Especially now there are naval improvements, so we can finally play to the British/Japanese/American/Italian naval strengths in some ways.

3. Historical battles are a potential issue due to the dynamic maps - unless they created them by hand, the battlespace wouldn't resemble the historical geography of an area.

This one is particularly off-putting. What does this even mean? That the base game will just be somewhat lazy and generate random maps? Surely PZC isn't going to neglect the historical battle side of things? Isn't that the whole point of the game, to be fighting in WW2, often in the historical locations/major events of the time period?

4. Unit packs don't make sense as DLC

Well good, that's just stupid anyway; Units are the bread and butter of the game, I for one wouldn't be interested at all in buying 'cosmetics' for the units, but I'd be appalled if units were divided up into DLC in the first place since it's a fundamental part of the game design.

Anyway, I don't want to be a debbie downer, but that article, as sparse as it is, isn't filling me with much hope for PZC2's development pathway. I do hope there's some answers to the above, particularly the GC and historical battles points.

On the plus side:

I'm very positive to see comment that we can select our own hero bonuses - That makes sense. I'm also curious about how the new Airfield linking system will work. Also supply, overrun and encirclement all seem to be new or changed mechanics. More detail on those would be swell! :mrgreen:

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