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AI improvement

Post by dalfrede » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:47 pm

I am starting this topic for people to list possible improvements to the AI.
Suggestions should be simple.

My suggestion is memory.
For example in AC the Medenine scenario there is a back route to flank the Axis.
There is a recon placed by the exit of this back route.
When your recon spots the Axis recon you can pull it back, bring your tanks to within 4 hexes, out of spotting range, and on the next turn take it out.
The AI doesn't seen to notice it lost a unit!

While this could be fixed with a script, I think a more general solution should work better.

Having the AI remember that it just lost a unit or a flag, or saw a recon appear and retreat might make it harder to trick.

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Senior Corporal - Ju 87G
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Re: AI improvement

Post by Sourdust » Mon Aug 13, 2018 2:15 am

Yes to this.

Two other AI flaws that it should be possible to fix...

First, it would be good to see AI be a bit more cautious about making attacks where there is a possibility of an unseen enemy artillery or AA piece. Currently it's too easy to sucker the AI into making an ill-advised attack on a front-line infantry unit that is well backed by artillery, especially during rain turns when visibility is reduced. Having some kind of AI "memory" would help a bit with this, eg if the AI had a "possible enemy artillery unit" marked in the place it was last seen, the AI would be less likely to make such stupid attacks.

Second is around AI getting its units ambushed while in strategic transport mode - there are more than a few scenarios where the AI just blunders around in trucks or Bren carriers, and is too easy to butcher. Ditto with paratroops, where the AI just flies towards the target, rather than trying to move strategically - eg, moving to a hex in relative safety, but which will allow move to the target hex the following turn, etc.

I think before AI uses strategic transport, it should have some kind of "safety" rating for the hexes to be traversed. If enemy units can reach the destination hex for infantry in halftracks, or if there are too many "fog of war" hexes making ambush possible, then perhaps they shouldn't use that mode of movement. Of course, changing the core dynamic for strategic transport would be even better - having whole regiments getting "ambushed" and destroyed while in their trucks doesn't feel quite right for an operational-level game. I think units should be able to use strat transport at the cost of not being able to attack, and switch automatically to tactical mode at the end of each turn.

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FlashBack Games
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Re: AI improvement

Post by Rudankort » Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:34 pm

Great ideas so far, keep them coming. We can also collect links to past topics about AI in this thread, so we have everything in one place. For example:

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Re: AI improvement

Post by sn0wball » Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:13 pm

I like the suggestions for making the AI less foolhardy. Also, as I have suggested in that linked thread, I would love to see an element of randomness. Advancing more carefull will certainly benefit the AI, but being predictively careful will still see it exploited each and every time. Perhaps the AI - or units - should have different modes - timid, careful, daring, foolhardy - which can and do swith.

There are other games which give a choice of AI behaviours - not just general quality, but a change in strategies. A daring AI will send paratroopers into the fog of war with fighter cover. A foolhardy one will try without. The careful AI will first scout the area. And so on.

Also, it will throw even experienced players of track to see a unit from time to time to break out of behavioral patterns - randomly. Attack a unit it wouldn´t usually engage first. Stop or even retreat for a turn instead of continuing the advance. Things like that.

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Re: AI improvement

Post by Retributarr » Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:53 am

"AI Opportunity Reaction"

I've noticed that the "AI" isn't taking advantage of 'Fire/Attack' opportunity situations!.

For Example: My Armour-Unit inadvertantly/unexpectantly ends up beside an enemies Anti-Tank or Artillery Gun-Emplacement, when the next turn takes place, the 'AI Anti-Tank or Artillery Unit fails to take advantage of this situation by so...firing on that Tank Unit?.

Now!, if the 'AI' were to be recalibrated to take advantage of these Target Opportunities, it would...I think perhap's make the game a little too difficult to play?. Only play-testing this recalibrated 'AI' would determine what the final decision on this change would be...'positive' or 'negative' for game playability reasons.

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Re: AI improvement

Post by charge62 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 3:22 am

Please consider order of operations where artillery is concerned. When AI is attacking or counter-attacking, current AI frequently has the artillery firing after the attack. Such a change may involve multiple passes through the available AI units, but could yield large dividends in AI lethality.

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Re: AI improvement

Post by captainjack » Wed Aug 15, 2018 6:59 am

A couple of things spring to mind:
Units with no ammo or fuel should always resupply if not in contact with the enemy. If zero ammo and in contact, they should either resupply in place or have a chance to move away from contact by max move to allow full resupply the following turn. The chance of moving away should increase with number of units in contact (ie the less effective the resupply, the more chance it pulls back).

Towed artillery and AA guns should not knowingly advance to contact where this increases the number of units they are in contact with. This probably means that they would stay put if they can't tell if a hex is safe or not. Moving into contact with fewer units makes sense, so should be permitted.

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