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Unit traits and hero abilities wish list

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 2:33 pm
by Rudankort
Hello All!

We have a wish list for units already, and during development we have checked with this topic several times. I thought that it would be useful to create another topic for a wish list of unit traits and hero abilities (both passive and active, i.e. which you invoke by a button in game's UI). We have our internal list which we are working on, but I want to make sure we don't miss any good idea. Usually, implementing traits and abilities does not take long, so there is still a good chance to include the coolest suggestions in the game.

Re: Unit traits and hero abilities wish list

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 6:14 pm
by dalfrede
A short list.

More multipurpose switchable units
Fighter/TacBomber switchable only at airfield
AA/Arty/AT , allow AA to attack/support ground units like an assault gun.

Close trait for Flame Tanks, with range of 50m they are close assault units, but limit MxAmmo=2 like some rail guns.
With MxAmmo=10, Pz2 Flam [infantry] is too powerful.

A range adjustment for short range Artillery to mimic actual deployment.
Most rockets, mortars, and assault guns should have R=1, but have R=2 from behind friendly units. A form of embedding the Artillery in with attacking units.

Re: Unit traits and hero abilities wish list

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 9:27 pm
by BigRedJuan
Switchable Fighter/Recon for some, like P-38 (at airfield only).
Evade trait for Recon Aircraft
"Pack mule" trait for small caliber artillery (75mm or smaller) allowing for two movement points (and maybe alpine movement).
Escort trait for fighters (like P-51) that allows for two defensive fires supporting escorted bombers
High Flyer trait makes strategic bombers far less susceptible to damage from 40mm and smaller AA
Mounted Fighter makes Grenadiers fight more effectively from haltracks
Switchable AT/Artillery for M10's - they apparently spent practically the entire Italian campaing doing indirect fire missions
Ammo heroes
Entrenchment hero (infantry only) - maybe entrench at 2X normal rate? Haven't totally thought this one through
Counter battery trait (155mm and up) has chance to suppress/destroy offensive artillery fire in range

In general I think traits should offer a chance to depart from the meta strategy. Using slot points will encourage people to vary up their forces, and I see traits as another way of making more units viable.

Re: Unit traits and hero abilities wish list

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 3:53 pm
by Aiscalp
I'm thinking that since units are promoted through stars, so can heroes. So with a 5 star unit progress you could similarly promote heroes. Explain:
Let's say that heroes can achieve the ranks of lieutenant, captain, major, colonel and general. That's five ranks.
Let's say that a unit starting the campaign achieve its first star. Pending the hero generating algorithm a lieutenant appears. If the said unit is then promoted to a second star, and the same hero remains with it throughout the period, get a chance to promote the lieutenant to a captain. And so on.
Hero ranks up to major may carry traits that are unit specific. These can be maintained as long as the hero remains with the same or same kind of unit ie another infantry or another tank unit but no interchange. Higher ranks of colonel and general may drop some of the unit bonus in exchange for a let's say battalion level bonus that affects a couple (colonel) or all (general) units in battle.
Since the number of heroes gets axed as per the Dev diary 5, the algorithm should incorporate the number of possible heroes per deployment and their ranks.
Even more, the game could apply yearly evaluations for hero promotions. So instead of letting the AI generator do the promotions let us decide on who gets the higher rank each year? I guess that prestige could influence the number of available promotions but I think that hard limits should be imposed.

Re: Unit traits and hero abilities wish list

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 5:57 pm
by verstaubtgesicht
Units should have different stats depending on the direction of engagement. I've always thought that if a unit attacks another unit from the rear, the result should be much more favorable for the unit attacking from the rear. This has been the case since the Greek hoplites all the way to modern tanks. A group of tanks breaking through the lines or outflanking them, rushing through, turning around and attacking from the rear should wreak havoc). I suspect it might be complicated from a developers' perspective if the underlying engine does not recognize the concept of "direction" on a hex, but that's way above my paygrade (in an IT company, I'd be confined to the mailroom, if such facility even exists in IT companies anymore).

Re: Unit traits and hero abilities wish list

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 7:33 am
by Stephen1024
How about field commander too.

Could have pool field commanders, each field commander gives whole army bonus and negative. As you gain you get access better field commanders. Better field commanders have less of a negative effect.

Might be interesting add as you have commanders give bonus in defence and ones give offensive bonus, can have some give bonus only specific units. Ai can have commander for enemy army to. This way help change dynamics from one play through and the next. Best commanders would require specific feats gain like maybe you got get highest medal to unlock, could do commander to unlock requires 10 DV wins etc.

Between hero and traits and adding commanders you help make it more different each play through. Also be nice have Rommel as my field commander.

Re: Unit traits and hero abilities wish list

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:51 pm
by AndreyBacerage
Would be nice to see some Officers Skills similiar to 1999 PANZER GENERAL ASSAULT 3D
I dont like the Panzer Corps and Order of Battle additions only for attack and defensive points.

Listing of All Leader Specials
Class Specific:
The first Leader Special acquired by any officer is decided by his class.
All officers of the same class will always acquire the same first Leader
Special. Please see sections 5.2-12.2 for detailed descriptions on these
Leader Specials. These specials are rated on a scale of 1-5 stars (5 being
the best).

Infantry : Tactician (*****)
Forces all adjacent attacks by/on the infantry unit to be Hand To Hand
(close assaults). This is very powerful, you can easily turn the tide to
your advantage with this power. Usually, an infantry unit would get
decimated fighting tanks in an open field. With this power, you can actually
easily take tanks down with minimal damage to your infantry units.

Tank : Maneuver (***)
You get a +1 movement on any tank (+1 hex range). Typically, tanks have
4 movement, so this equates to a 25% increase.

Anti-Tank : Positioning (****)
When you issue an Entrenchment order, you automatically entrench to maximum
level (3). This essentially saves you 3 turns. You can easily use this
power to move into a newly captured city and defend it at maximum level in
one order. One trick I use is to use this ability offensively by moving
next to an armored target, entrenching and immediately attacking in the same
turn to drastically reduce my casualties.

Artillery : Expert Support (****)
This unit will automatically fire an additional support fire. Very useful
when defending.

Air Defense: Sharpshooter (****)
Increases attack range of this unit by +1. This helps you attack more enemy
aircraft without having to waste Action Points moving to position yourself.
This is very good if you are using towed anti-aircraft: you don't want to have
to tow your unit closer and then wasting an Action Point dismounting.

Recon : Force Recon (***)
You get +1 Sighting Range. Since Recon units typically have a 4 spotting
range, this equates to a 25% gain, which is not bad.

Fighter : Hawkeyes (**)
You get +1 Sighting Range. I don't usually use Fighter units as recon units
because their vulnerability to Anti-Aircraft and other Fighter units, but a
+1 is still a big deal.

Bomber : All Weather (****)
This ability allows you to attack in any weather. This is *very* good beause
weather is rather unpreditable in this game. Note that if weather is bad,
you will make attacks at half strength. This is bad, but still better than
not being able to attack at all.

The second Leader Special acquired by any offier is completely random and
is selected from the following list at random when the officer is first
recruited. (I.e., no amount of reloading will change which medal you
obtain when you level the officer up to Rank 8.)

Aggressive Attack (***): Your attacks will be more effective. You will
inflict more damage and receive less casualties.
Though it only seems to increase your results by
a small number, every little bit helps.

Determined Defense (**): You will inflict more damage and receive less
casualties when defending. I am not a big fan of
defending, but this is still a good power
nonetheless. Though it only seems to increase your
results by a small number, every little bit helps.

Sixth Sense (***): You never get ambushed and you ignore reserve fire. This
is good when you do not have a Recon unit available or
your Recon unit got destroyed.

First Strike (****): You always strike first in battle, unless the enemy
officer has the same special. Enough said.

Resilience (****): Your unit received less casualties and your firing/move
attributes are more difficult to damage. Well, since you
will almost always be taking some form of damage in each
mission, this power will definately come in handy.

Influence (****): Your unit has more strength than normally (i.e., you have
more troops in your unit). This means that you can deal
more damage and receive more damage before your unit is

Fire Discipline (***): You use up ammunition at half the normal rate. This is
good for units like Artillery who normally have very
few shots and their veteran orders cost even more ammo.

Ground Taker (*): Your unit will cause more retreats than usual. This is a
horrible power since as long as you are in an adjacent hex
to an enemy, he cannot repair and resupply. If you cause a
retreat and you cannot chase after him, on his turn he will
repair and come back to full strength!

Mountaineer (**): This ability reduces the penalties for moving through bad
terrain. It also gives you a bonus for fighting uphill
battles (normally, you would get a penalty).

Blizter (***): Gives the unit the ability to Overrun (as per Tank units).
Basically allows you to destroy weak units without using any
Action Points.

Assaulter (**): Units acts as if it were Close Supported by infantry (i.e.,
when an infantry unit is beside it). Basically allows the
unit to ignore Hand To Hand combat, where more units are

Maneuver (**): Increases unit's movement rate by 1. Every bit helps.

Skilled Recon (*): Increases spotting range.

Recon Move (****): First move is free (at no Action Point cost). Useful for
Bomber and Artillery units.

Tank Hunter (**): Boost attack and defense of the unit when fighting Tanks.
(For air units only)

Street Fighter (**): Increases unit's effectiveness in Hand To Hand combat.

Overwhelming Attack (***): Any suppression damage dealt by this unit causes
equipment damage.

Infiltrator (***): Unit ignores enemy zones of control. (I.e., comlete
freedome of movement.) Useful for agility, circling and

Camouflage Expert (*): Makes unit harder to spot.

Ferocious Defender (**): Unit automatically entrenches to maximum level in a
single Entrench order. Useful for Infantry.

Overwatch (****): This Leader's Unit will always provide support fire for any
friendly adjacent unit (if the enemy is within range).

Devastating Fire (*****): Each of this Leader's attacks are at full effect.
(Normally, each shot after the first loses 25%

River Assaulter (**): No penalty for attacking from a river and reduced
movement cost to traverse a river.

Shock Tactics (**): Unit does long term suppression as Artillery. (I.e., any
suppression caused by unit will remain until end of turn.)

Quartermaster (**): Your Strength attribute does not decrease by one for every
refit command issued after the first. If you play with
the Enhanced Refit difficulty setting, this Leader Special
is rather useless, very useful otherwise.

Sharpshooter (*****): All this Leader's attacks are considered long range (like
Artillery) and his ranged attacks are at full Strength
(not at the usual half Strength). I never got this Leader
Special, but if it's as good as it sounds, it basically
means that the enemy will never retaliate against this
unit when it attacks.

Smart Gambler (***): Battle estimates will never be wrong: you will either
do/receive that much damage or you may even do better than
the battle projections.

Skirmisher (***): Reduces the overall effectiveness of enemy fire.

Fast Assaulter (***): Allows this Infantry unit to avoid support fire. (Immune
to support fire from Artillery and all other support
orders/units.) Very good for taking cities, even if they
are defended with Artillery.

Liberator (*): Kinda hopeless. You only get double the victory points if this
Leader captures a city. I don't know what victory points are
used for other than high scores.

Supply Training (**): +4 ammo is definately useful for low ammo count units
like Artillery. But then again, if you play with the
Unlimited Ammo difficulty setting, this Leader Special
is rather useless.

Survivor (**): Guarantees that if your Leader's unit is destroyed, the Leader
will return to your headquarters at the beginning of the next

Night Drop (**): Paradropping Infantry cannot be fired upon by enemy ground
units in transit.

Re: Unit traits and hero abilities wish list

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:59 pm
by AndreyBacerage
1 months without reaction - this forum is death I think !

Re: Unit traits and hero abilities wish list

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:24 pm
by Rudankort
AndreyBacerage wrote:
Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:59 pm
1 months without reaction - this forum is death I think !
The reports of this forum's death are greatly exaggerated. :) This is a topic created for collecting ideas, so I'm not sure what kind of a reaction you expect. But yes, I have PG3 manual handy, and at least some of unit abilities from that game are going to appear in Panzer Corps 2.

Re: Unit traits and hero abilities wish list

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:06 pm
by AndreyBacerage
...I have PG3 manual handy, and at least some of unit abilities from that game are going to appear in Panzer Corps 2.
Really nice to hear that - hopefully you can set the most of this unit commanders specials - please no more this boring special abbilities from PC or OoB.