Officers From Caprica (Bug).

The Cylons have rebelled. The alliance of the Twelve Colonies falters. Take control of the Colonial Fleet and save humanity from an endless war.
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Officers From Caprica (Bug).

Post by yug1984 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:28 pm

Officers candidates with a birth planet of Caprica, are not added to the officer recruitment pool if one or more than one other colony is a member of the colonial Quorum / fleet.

I originally thought that Capricans were never added to the officer pool. The only Caprican officer I had ever encountered (after 200 hours of gameplay) was Silas Nash. Silas is rewarded to the player on completion of a story mission. I posted a query on Steam asking if they encountered Caprican officers and other players also fed back that they were not able to recruit officers from Caprica.

A steam user said that he was in contact with a Black Labs employee, and that said employee had checked the code and confirmed that Caprican's could be added to the pool as long as Caprica was an active colony.

I decided to test this. I did so by losing control of all other colonies and retaining only Caprica.

I have found that when Caprica is the only colony under my control, Capricans do show up for recruitment. If however one other colony rejoins the colonial fleet / Quorum, officers from that colony are the only officers to appear in the pool. My conclusion is other colonies stop Caprican officers Spawning.

If I have all 12 colonies, I am able to recruit officers from 11/12 colonies.
Only Caprican born officers do not join the recruitment pool.

Given that Caprican officers are important to the story of BSG, and indeed the 'Caprican Hegemony' is something that is plot point in BSG Deadlock / BSG Broken Alliance campaigns – it would be really great if this bug could be fixed so that we could have Caprican Officers in our Colonial Fleets.

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Re: Officers From Caprica (Bug).

Post by SiegeRollout » Sat Jun 23, 2018 8:37 pm

I'd add there is another "bug" when it comes to Officer assignment to a Fleet. If Fleet1 & Fleet2 are at the same colony, I cannot simply move the Officer from F1 to F2 without tylium penalty. Instead, I have to Unassign Officer from F1, at which point they move instantly, and potentially 30 Tylium points away, to their home colony. Then I have to re-assign them to F2, incurring 30 Tylium points deduction. It's really annoying and often messes up Fleet/ship assignments to do simple transfers at the same location.

It would be nice if Officer movements followed Fleet movements, and like fleets, only moved at the end of a Turn. So if I unassign an Virgon homeworld Officer assigned for Fleet-Gemenon to move them to another fleet at Gemenon, or in Helios Alpha, they should stay in Gemenon for that turn so I can assign them to Fleet2 @Gemenon without penalty.

In the later game stages where 20-30 Tylium makes little differences in my economy, its not a big deal. But in the first 20 or so missions where every Tylium point is precious, it's much more problematic.

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