Armor Facings

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Armor Facings

Post by sulik » Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:59 am

Okay fundamental problem here armor facings are set up very poorly, sides get hit hardly at all you have to be virtualy at 90 degrees to it or hits register on front or rear which is totaly wrong.

All ships are a lot longer than they are wide so any sort of angle on means increase in chance of hiting the side not the front or rear.
Real world example go walk round a truck or even your car to see how angles work.
Directly from side the target is a lot bigger than directly from the front.
Now stand across the street and walk round from the front to one side.
Side soon becomes as wide a target as the front then quickly becomes a bigger target than the front.
Keep going & the front becomes a very small portion of what you can see.

Angles need to at least roughly conform to the real world, top & bottom being small are fine as due to the way the game is configured we dont get the elevation diffrence to make them a large target. In fact its a case of yipee hit a facing it wont hit again.

The problem is worse if you take physics into account we will use tanks here as an example.
------ I Shot comes in at around 90 degrees little chance of richochet energy goes into the armour
\| Shot comes in at a sharp angle only 10/15 degrees off high chance of richochet so little energy goes into the armour.
These are the shots the game is registering on front or rear armour when it should be the side.

Applies to missiles not just kinetic weapons as all types of anti armour warheads have their performance drasticly reduced if they hit at a sharp angle. Read total fail wont penetrate squat.

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Private First Class - Wehrmacht Inf
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Re: Armor Facings

Post by Haveatya » Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:42 am

Shot angling would heavily favor some designs over others. The Janus or Manticore would be way more durable with this new system versus the Atlas or Minotaur. You'd also get a nasty spike with the Phobos, Arachne, and Cerberus versus the Talon and Nemesis.

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