Attila rides in Boston

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Attila rides in Boston

Post by DrQuahog » Mon Mar 29, 2010 1:29 am

For the Havoc tournament in the Boston outer 'burbs I brought Attila with a typical army:Inspired Hun Comm, 2 Ally Trp Comms (compulsory) 3 troop types - 4 units of Hunnic Sup Bow Swd
light cav, 5 units of Gothic Sup lance cav, sadly just protected, and 3 units of 8
Franks Av impact swd prot HI. Plus a minimal Ostrogoth archer LI unit.
True, the Franks can't beat anybody, but there are a lot of them, and the
default idea is try to envelop the wings, if he doesn't respond aggressively
enough the Huns can do wonders, if he does the center may weaken to the point
where I can 'Blenheim' him and smash it with Frankish mobbery. The key is
timing the Franks advance. The big problem, other than that we deopedn on maneuver to make up for a lack of punch and staying power , is command control. Yes, they woudl play better as Foederati Romans, but I wanted to be Attila.
Round 1 vs Scott's Carthaginians. Well AWRIGHT! Hannibal, specifically with
the army of Cannae (though the Gauls were conspicuous for their absence), vs
Attila with the army of Chalons. From the simulation 'adolescent fantasy of
being a general' standpoint which got us all into this hobby that sure beats the
hell out of seeing how you could do as a Christian Nubian vs a Khmer.
Indeed, on Turn 2 Attila leading a unit of Huns actually came to hand to hand
grips with Hannibal and some Numidians. Very cinematic stuff.
I succeeded in a nice double envelopment, but my rawness with the rules kept
me from exploiting it properly. The first Hun and Goth unit to appear in his
rear dithered about where to go - the Hun hedging his bets by threatening both
the camp and the rear of the battleline, eventually achieving neither. Units
fell right and left, his on the flanks, mine in the center to his elite
spearmen, and he came out ahead breaking my army at 13-10. Super opponent, cool

Round 2 vs Hal's 'Palmyrans'. Two for two in the cool matchup department.
These were actually late Romans with cataphracts for equites, so a good
representation of the Eastern Romans type army which was Attila's primary foe.
We enveloped the right wing all the way to his baseline, with all sorts of
firefights and repeated massed Gothic charges against a 'thin red line' of
legionaries. Eventually he only had two small legionary units to the front , and
the Franks did their thing, actually succeeding . (Hey, it could happen.) Things
looked good until the cataphracts showed up on our weaker left, and numbers
could not overcome quality, so we took it hard.
Hal very graciously agreed not to try and work in one last 'quick turn' at
time control leaving me a couple of units ahead at something like 9-7. Another
turn and he would probably have broken two units and turned things marginally
around. Thus a 'winning draw'.

Round 3 vs Justin's Medieval Germans. Ok, not a great matchup either
tactically or historically. But, hey, I'll take 2 out of 3 any day. His somewhat
stolid army , largely of armoured spear, would have been ripe for being
outmaneuvered, except that the terrain made operations around either flank
impossible. Thus i had the spear bearing down with nothing to stop them, large
crossbow units on their flanks, and ancillary troops like 2 units of heavy
armoured superior knights just in case any opportunity for counterplay arose.
Yuck. Wish i'd read the flank march rules.
My 'plan' was to annoy his weaker flank units (weaker than his center units,
still better than my stuff), and hope to get lucky. OK, yes, that is not a very
good plan. But as Justin was having a bad luck day for the ages, it actually
worked. &)
On the right his Knights showed no respect for their distant ancestors by
intercepting a charge from my scruffy Goth lancers. To the battle cry of
'Sharper than a serpent's tooth!' we set out to show those whippersnappers some
respect for their forefathers, and somehow we totally annihilated them in 1
turn. (!!) 'Heroes never calculate' indeed.
On the left the massed Hunnic archers were having a slight advantage over
the crossbow because of Attila's inspired leadership when we were hit, and when
we had them disrupted a friendly general died (ouch) in a cav scrum next to them
causing them to frag and run when charged. So it basically took making about a
36 :1 shot on each flank for me to pull it out.
My entire center dissolved at once on the last turn- all 3 large Frank units
breaking simultaneously, but enough damage had been done to his support units
(including picking up my third camp of the day) to make the Germans lay down
their swords. - Tom McM

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Post by Skullzgrinda » Fri Apr 16, 2010 4:58 am

Excellent! I really enjoyed these AARs.

You built the army the way I have been leaning. It looks like it worked well for you.

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Post by azrael86 » Tue Apr 20, 2010 1:57 pm

Nice. Cavalry lancers routing knights in one bound is probably more than 36-1, though. down at impact and in melee, probably with fewer melee dice and superior rerolls for tests....

nice that you went for it instead of skirmishing.

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