Forged in Battle Team Challenge - Game 3 vs Nikephorian Byzantine

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Forged in Battle Team Challenge - Game 3 vs Nikephorian Byzantine

Post by petedalby » Sat Oct 12, 2019 2:34 pm

My 3rd game was vs Ali Shaw using Nikephorian Byzantine – more Lance Bow * so another uphill struggle.

Ali’s army – FC, 2 x TC, 3 x 8 mixed Avg BGs 4 Prot HF DefSp + 4 Prot MF Bow, 3 x 6 Avg Arm Cav, L, Bow* Sw, 3 x 4 Sup mixed cav BGs, 2 Arm L, Sw + 2 Bow Sw, 1 x 4 LH Unpr Avg Bow Sw, 1 x 4 Avg Prot Cav Bow Sw. Everything is drilled apart from the Prot Cav.

Ali won initiative and chose Agricultural placing a Village and Coast along with the compulsory hill. I added 3 enclosed fields and 2 open fields to my compulsory open field. Ali removed a couple of my pieces and most of the terrain fell on the edges. There was 1 central piece of terrain but Ali also rolled to move first so there was no way I could get to it. This early trend of being out diced would sadly continue for most of the game.

I must apologise for the lack of photos on this one which also tells you that I was on the back foot for most of the game.

This is deployment. Ali has all of her foot on my left with a BG of 6 Cav L, Bow*, 2 superior Cav in the centre and the rest of the cav facing my right.


My camp is in the village. The rest of the table is pretty clear.


Ali advanced across the line


My plan was fairly simple. Delay against the lance armed cavalry whilst getting into the Def Sp with my halberdiers, bow and superior shooters.


And as plans go it started to work pretty well. The Byzantines don’t chuck out too much firepower and the HF closed in good order. The Def Sp can’t afford to charge even vs my MF as they’d be down at impact. And Ali quickly had several units in trouble.


2 BGs are disrupted and the 1 fighting my superior halberdiers is fragged. Unfortunately this was probably the high point of the game for me. Ali’s CT dice go into overdrive and she can’t throw anything below a 10.

Both mixed foot BGs will eventually break by which time my HF have no target within reach – the cavalry have charged away. On my right a cavalry BG is caught in an evade and routs. The MF Xbow disrupt at impact vs just 1 BG and will stay disrupted until the rest of Ali’s cavalry arrives.

My HF eventually get onto the flank of the remaining mixed foot BG only for a base loss to take them out of range again. They charge into my Guard cavalry who are at a plus because of their LSp and quickly drop to fragged which is where they stay for the rest of the game.

Some hot shooting dice take off a lancer base of Ali’s 2nd Superior BG and she charges my Guard with Bow in the front rank – so we each have 3 dice on plus and 3 dice on minus. All of Ali’s Bow hit on a minus and I lose 5 to 3 – the Guard are in trouble again. Fortunately help arrives and I destroy the cavalry with a flank charge but the Guard rout as well.

Looking at the photos I realise I should have sent my victorious MF Bow after Ali’s Protected Cav. Instead I turn them towards the centre. This allows Ali’s cav to get away and threaten my HF with a rear intercept charge thus preventing them from assisting the Guard.

On my left my protected cavalry and handgunners can only keep evading away from the 6 armoured cav. All 3 BGs will end up disrupted in the very corner of the table with my BGs in the safety of an enclosed field.

At this point victory is still possible. Ali has a Sup cav BG down to 2 bases heading for my camp. I concentrate my surviving LF XB and a Cav BG to shoot it and 3 times do 3 or more hits. Unfortunately it passes every CT and fails to throw a 1 on the death roll.

I’m clinging on until a final 6 – 1 charge and evade sees another one of my BGs caught in the rear. The ensuing pursuit takes the cav into my MF bow and when they drop to fragged my army goes down.

An excellent game but the dice gods were not with me – a well-deserved 28 – 14 win for Ali.

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