Field of Glory II version 1.4.7 is available – Praetorian Update

Field of Glory II is a turn-based tactical game set during the Rise of Rome from 280 BC to 25 BC.
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Field of Glory II version 1.4.7 is available – Praetorian Update

Post by Daniele » Thu Sep 27, 2018 1:09 pm

Field of Glory II version 1.4.7 is available and it's huge!.

Be sure to read the full changelog below!

You can download the update from here

• Mods:
o Important: Any global mod will now automatically be switched off when the game version is updated. This is to prevent script incompatibilities from crashing the game. If you restart the global mod and start getting script error reports leading to crashes, you need to notify the mod author that his mod needs updating to make it compatible with the new game version. You will not be able to use that mod until it has been updated to be compatible.

o Changed “Unlucky” STEAM achievement to “Suffered a double cohesion drop which could only occur on a roll of snakes eyes”.

• Gameplay:
o Middle Eastern open terrain tiles changed to make Rough Terrain more obvious.
o Chance of flank-protecting river or coast reduced in random maps.
o Heavy Weapon now gets +100 POA at Impact vs mounted troops as well as foot, unless the heavy weapon unit is charging mounted enemy shock troops.
o Units with at least 50% heavy weapon or 50% Defensive Spearmen capability will now get full effect from these capabilities at impact (as if 100% HW or DefSp) in the same way that Light Spear and Lancers capabilities do. In melee they will only get the actual % of HW or DefSp counting. Units with less than 50% of these capabilities will count the actual % in impact as well as melee.
o Heavy chariots impact POA in open terrain vs any except Lancers, Elephants, Light Foot, Light Horse or steady non-charging foot who are Pike, Offensive Spearmen or Defensive Spearmen increased to +150.
o Chariots mitigation vs shooting by bows, slings and javelins increased from 16% to 28%.
o Chargers will no longer turn to face evaders that are not in an adjacent square at the end of the move.

• Units:
o Added Praetorian Guard units with pre-285 AD and post-285 AD variants.
o Added Sassanid Heavy Foot and Massed Archers units.
o Added Unarmoured Horse Archer Cavalry.
o Added Greek Peltasts unit.
o Added Thracian Peltasts, Massed Thracian Peltasts and Thracian Spearmen units.
o Points cost of Carthaginian/Kyrenean chariots reduced from 56 to 52.

• Army Lists:
o Praetorian Guard added to first three Imperial Roman lists.
o Divided Roman 285-378 list into 285-312 and 313-378 lists. (Before and after abolition of the Praetorian Guard).
o Major revamp of all of the Sassanid army lists. Early list (224-349 AD) is more of a transitional list from the Parthian list, with more cataphracts, limited numbers of armoured horse archers (Superior and Above Average) and unarmoured Horse Archer cavalry. From 350 AD the lists get Sassanid Heavy Foot, massed archers, and a mix of Superior and Above Average armoured horse archers.
o Unarmoured horse archer Cavalry also added to Parthian, Indo-Parthian and Kushan lists.
o Increased number of infantry units available in Byzantine armies.
o Added some full-sized units of pre-dismounted Herul/Lombard lancers to the Byzantine 551-578 army list.
o Greek Peltasts, Thracian Peltasts, Massed Thracian Peltasts and Thracian Spearmen added to various lists from the base game and Immortal Fire.
o Thracian 350 BC – 46 AD list divided into 350-251 BC and 250 – 46 AD lists.

• AI:
o AI will now resolve its melees in order from highest to lowest chance of winning.
o “Shooty” mounted troops made much more likely to opportunistically charge Fragmented enemy and Disrupted infantry than previously.
o Shock troops with shooting capability (e.g. Assyrian and Egyptian heavy chariots, Byzantine lancers) will no longer prefer to shoot rather than charge.
o Stopped light troop wings from advancing too far ahead of rest of troops (in custom/campaign battles) if enemy can outshoot them with their wings and part of their centre. (Previously did not take into account firepower of enemy centre).
o Tweaked AI to make AI Infantry somewhat less likely to charge mounted shock troops.
o If permitted by the same rules applying to player generals, at the start of the AI turn AI generals will now move to the strongest non-light unit within range if the unit they are currently with is Fragmented or close to Autobreaking.
o Made infantry in a cavalry army start advancing sooner if the cavalry are advancing, so that they don’t arrive too late to influence the battle.
o Fixed bug that could sometimes make AI cavalry wings veer into centre too soon.

• UI:
o Viewing angle of troops in force selection “tooltip” changed so that their clothing/armour is not obscured by their shields.
o Added note to detailed unit info re additional -ve cohesion test modifier if foot unit lacks any close combat capabilities.
o Units can only be dismounted or remounted during the post-Force-Selection part of the Deployment phase. (This fixes issue of units not being unpurchasable after dismounting or remounting during force selection).

• Multiplayer:
o MP Epic Battles (vanilla, and, if set up correctly, user-created) will now show the side names of the opposing sides in the box on the challenge creation screen, and in the accept challenge screen.
o Added Delete button for MP user campaigns in the MP New Challenges screen. (To allow them to be purged from your system when you wish).

• Manual:
o Manual change: Impact POA chart. Heavy Weapon. +100 POA vs any (unless the infantry are charging mounted shock troops).
o Manual change: Impact POA chart. Heavy Chariots in open terrain have +150 POA vs any troops except elephants, light foot, light horse or steady foot who are pike, offensive spearmen or defensive spearmen.
o Manual clarification: Units with 50% Light Spear, Lancers, Heavy Weapon or Defensive Spearmen capability get full POA effect from these at Impact as if 100% of the unit had the capability. In melee, however, 50% Swordsmen, Heavy Weapon or Defensive Spearmen get 50% of the full POA.

• Bug Fixes:
o Fixed issue where game controls could sometimes stop working if MP game was left unattended for more than 5 minutes.
o Fixed bug that prevented ambient sounds from updating to desultory close combat and intense close combat versions when there are close combats.
o Fixed bug that could occasionally cause charging javelinmen to throw javelins backwards at the original position of evaders.
o Shortened some unit names and unit info strings in German so that they fit better in the UI.
o Fixed issue where the men in a unit would use a different colour variant when dismounting.
o Fixed issue whereby if during force selection the player’s army included no non-light infantry, and the non-light cavalry were positioned so that there were none in the centre, only Sub-Generals would be allocated when the Accept button is clicked.
o Fixed issue that could sometimes cause tooltip to show combat prediction for unit that is no longer in combat after breaking off.
o Fixed some potential anomalies in group move Undo.
o Fixed bug that could result in a unit in open ground counting terrain disorder as if attacking into terrain, if the unit it initially charged broke off or routed while the unit was still in close combat with a second unit, and THEN the enemy attacked it from the rough ground with a third unit.
o Fixed various minor anomalies that could occur in random maps.

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Re: Field of Glory II version 1.4.7 is available – Praetorian Update

Post by z1812z » Thu Sep 27, 2018 2:07 pm

A fantastic update. This game is a real gem.........................and with great support as well.

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Re: Field of Glory II version 1.4.7 is available – Praetorian Update

Post by MVP7 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:57 pm

It's a great time to play/replay the Xenophon campaign. Good showcase for the new Thracian and Greek units.

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