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Field of Glory II 1.5.17 Public Beta

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 4:45 pm
by Tamas
Hi Everyone,

Work on the game has not stopped since the release of Wolves at the Gate of course. We now have a number of tweaks that warrant a new update. However, due to their possible impact we would like to ask you to help us test them before we release an official patch.

If you are interested, you can download the public beta update from the Members Area. You need to have Field of Glory II registered to your account in which case that link will take you to the game's "Updates" page where you will find the download.

The public beta is also available on Steam, as a beta branch. To activate it, you need to use the Steam client:
1. In your Library, right-click Field of Glory II, and choose "Properties
2. In the new window, select the "Betas" tab
3. On the drop-down menu, select "openbeta - Open Beta", and click Close. Steam will proceed to update your game.

Please post your feedback in THIS SUBFORUM

Here is the list of changes:

Note that you can’t test the fix for automatically swapping to the GOG version of Empires with the beta build, because the automatic swap only works with a release version of FOG2. You can, however, start the GOG version of Empires manually and it will read the export file from the Beta version of FOG2.

Beta Version 1.5.17
There are no game changes in this beta update, but there are changes to the .EXE to facilitate program switching between future beta version of FOG2 and Empires. Please can you do some general testing of this new build to see if any bugs might have been introduced by the new .EXE, and continue testing the existing new features.
The UI strings for the new options have now been translated into French, German and Spanish.

Beta Version 1.5.16
Field of Glory: Empires:
o Added option (in More Options in Settings in FOG2) to use FOG2 Difficulty settings for Empires battles. This is off by default. If it is turned on, Empires battles will use FOG2 difficulty settings. This means that the conversion ratio for the enemy units will be adjusted according to the same scale as used in FOG2 Campaigns – so they will get more FOG2 units on higher difficulty levels. In addition, on Deity level unit quality is adjusted slightly in favour of the enemy, and on Centurion level unit quality is adjusted slightly in favour of the player. If the default setting is selected, no FOG2 difficulty adjustments will apply.
o Added option (in More Options in Settings in FOG2) to adjust the size of Empires battles between 50% and 150% of the default conversion ratio.
Army Lists:
o Later Breton list divided into 580-931 and 936-1049 lists. After the destruction of the Breton Kingdom by the Vikings circa 931 AD, the newly formed Duchy of Brittany assimilated to the Norman military system.

Beta Version 1.5.15
Sandbox Campaigns:
o There is now a toggleable button in the Sandbox Campaign set up screen that allows you to define the focus of the campaign:
 Default: Campaign may involve other enemies as well as the main protagonists and their local allies.
 Focused: Campaign may involve historical allies local to both main protagonists, but not attacks by other enemies.
 Duel: Campaign will only involve the main protagonists. (Although the player may get the option to seek troop contingents from his local allies)
o Campaign allies are now matched against the enemy army list (and enemy allies’ army list) by date as well as geography if the Date filter is on. This eliminates a few anachronistic alliances that could sometimes occur with the previous version.
Army Lists:
o Added some unarmoured cavalry to Polish 966-1057 AD list.
o Anglo-Danish army list side name changed to Anglo-Danish (instead of Anglo-Saxon).
Bug Fixes:
o Fixed bug that could show a string from the Epic Battle module in the tooltip for the No Allies line in the allies list box.
o After an Empires battle, the GOG version of FOG: Empires should now open automatically if it was the last version of Empires used.

Beta Version 1.5.14
Please retest the game to check whether anything has inadvertently been bugged by the changes listed below, especially the changes to AI reserve cavalry behaviour, Fragmented unit movement, Threatened Flank CT modifier fix and the fix to the MP Lobby tooltips for battles using TT Mod or Silk Road.
o Improved consistency of how a unit being Fragmented affects different forms of movement.
o Byzantine 963-987 AD allies added to Arab (North Africa) 789-999 AD list.
o Arab (North Africa) 789-999 AD allies added to Byzantine 963-987 AD list.
o Viking (Ireland) 900-1049 AD allies added to Scots 851-1051 AD list.
o Scots 851-1051 AD allies added to Viking (Ireland) 900-1049 list.
o Improved AI for AI reserve cavalry.
o Correction: Pike units cease to be rated as Shock troops once the entire back rank of models has been lost. This means that they once they have suffered 25% losses, they no longer follow up enemy that fall back from them.
Bug Fixes:
o Fixed various minor army list date range issues.
o Tweaked height of dismounted armoured Muslim lancers slightly.
o Fixed bug that could sometimes cause Threatened Flank CT modifier not to be applied for CT tests following automatically resolved melees.
o Fixed issue of allies not showing correctly in MP Lobby for battles using user created custom battle modules, such as TT Mod and Silk Road
Enjoy, and thanks for the help!

Re: Field of Glory II 1.5.14 Public Beta

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:59 pm
by SnuggleBunnies
Just wanted to point out a typo - 75% losses for pikes should be 25%

Re: Field of Glory II 1.5.14 Public Beta

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 10:39 pm
by rbodleyscott
SnuggleBunnies wrote:
Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:59 pm
Just wanted to point out a typo - 75% losses for pikes should be 25%

Re: Field of Glory II 1.5.14 Public Beta

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 5:48 am
by Tamas
In order to organise the public beta better, I have opened a subforum for feedback, check the first post for the link, please.

Re: Field of Glory II 1.5.15 Public Beta

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 3:06 pm
by Tamas
Main post has been updated with the changes made in the just-release 1.5.15 version of the public beta!

You should uninstall the .14 public beta, and install the .15 version following the Members Area link above.

Re: Field of Glory II 1.5.16 Public Beta

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 5:04 pm
by Tamas
Main post updated with 1.5.16 information!

As before, uninstall the previous beta build please, and install .16 following the Members Area link.

Re: Field of Glory II 1.5.17 Public Beta

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 4:04 pm
by Tamas
Opening post updated with information on a small update that's probably the final one before making this official, assuming you guys don't find an issue!

Re: Field of Glory II 1.5.17 Public Beta

Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 12:08 pm
by roguedjack
Link in opening post for beta 1.5.17 does not work (404). You have to go to "my page" > "fog 2" > "file downloads". DL speed is also much slower than usual, at least for me.