Field of Glory II has been updated to Version 1.5.23

Field of Glory II is a turn-based tactical game set during the Rise of Rome from 280 BC to 25 BC.
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Field of Glory II has been updated to Version 1.5.23

Post by Daniele » Wed Nov 27, 2019 3:39 pm

Field of Glory 2, the acclaimed tabletop-like wargame set during the Rise of Rome and beyond, has been updated to version 1.5.23.

This update makes some minor changes in the Heavy Weapons category, as well as some additional bug fixes.

You can download the update from here

Mirrors links: ... ...

Have a look at the changelog below.

1.5.23 Changelog

  • Heavy Weapon: Now cancels only the first 50 POA of enemy armour advantage. As previously, units with less than 100% HW remove only the equivalent proportion of the enemy armour advantage, but this is now explicitly stated in the detailed unit information panel (CTRL-LEFT click).
  • (The effect of the above is that 100% HW units will still cancel all armour advantage vs Armoured or less well-protected units, but more heavily armoured enemy will retain some armour advantage if the HW troops are significantly less well armoured.)
  • Heavy Weapon: Armoured or better-protected troops with Heavy Weapon get an extra +10 POA in melee vs all troops except elephants.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a rare bug that could occasionally allow shooting LOS through a unit.
  • Fixed issue that could cause systems with Radeon 5700 graphics cards to show hill slopes as water.

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