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Army Lists

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:34 pm
by rbodleyscott
Here is a quick tutorial on army lists.

Here is an army list from the ArmyList.txt file. The army lists have to be defined in this way. Note that total number of points for the units ought to be at least 3000 approx to work well. The lists are effectively designed for choosing 2000 point armies and will be scaled for other sizes - generally rounding up fractions.

// 500 BC - 319 AD // this is a comment and does not actually do anything
[EC_INDIAN] // this is the "chunk name" and is the internal name of the army list. It is the name of the army list to use in CustomCampaign.txt files.
SIDEID 17 // this is the sideID - you can see who is who by looking at the IDS_SIDENAME strings in in /Data/Text/Text2.txt
NAME IDS_ARMY_EC_INDIAN // This is the string tag for the army list name. It is basically IDS_ARMY_ plus the chunk name. IIRC it must be to work everywhere.
YEARS 2500 3319 // Note start era from 3000 BC - start and end dates of the army, counting from 3000 BC. For date filter.
DEPLOYMENT Hellenistic // there are three types of deployment Roman, Hellenistic and Skythian. Roman deploy in chequerboard, Hellenistic with one main battle line, skythian in a formation suitable for cavalry armies.
LONGMIN 63 // minimum longitude for the nation at the dates of the army list - for geographical filter
LONGMAX 94 // maximum longitude
LATMIN 5 // minimum latitude
LATMAX 35 // maximum latitude
INTRO IDS_ARMY_INTRO_INDIAN // string tag for army list blurb
SORTNAME Indian // sort name for alphabetical army list sort
MAPSET Tropical // Mapset - this is either Medi, North, MidEast, Steppe, Desert or Tropical. It is currently used for sandbox campaigns only.

UNIT_0 Indian_Elephants // internal unit name - the first column in the squads file
MIN_0 2 // fixed quantity for 2000 point army
MAX_0 11 // total (fixed + selection) quantity for 2000 point army

UNIT_1 Indian_H_Chariots
MIN_1 0
MAX_1 3

UNIT_2 Indian_L_Chariots
MIN_2 2
MAX_2 5

UNIT_3 Indian_Cavalry
MIN_3 2
MAX_3 9

UNIT_4 Indian_Archers
MIN_4 7
MAX_4 30

UNIT_5 Indian_Javelinmen
MIN_5 2
MAX_5 10

UNIT_6 Nomad_LH
MIN_6 0
MAX_6 3

UNIT_7 Indian_Light_Archers
MIN_7 0
MAX_7 3

UNIT_8 Heavy_Artillery
MIN_8 0
MAX_8 1

UNIT_9 Light_Artillery
MIN_9 0
MAX_9 1

Note that the UNIT_ numbers for each unit type must be consecutive or the units below the gap will be ignored.

Re: Army Lists

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 5:12 pm
by rbodleyscott
Oh another thing. If you do make your own army lists file, and then later add more army lists, always add them at the end, or previously saved battles and campaigns will not work correctly.

This is because the "chunk" number is stored and not the chunk name. So you need to make sure you don't change the existing chunk numbers by inserting lists above existing ones, or the saved games will be referring to the wrong list. Chunks are numbered from the top, starting with 0, but you don't really need to know this - just don't change the order.

Re: Army Lists

Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:47 pm
by rbodleyscott

If you are planning for your army lists to be used in MP, make sure you have the word


above the [POTLUCK] line in your army list.

Otherwise the wrong army list names will be displayed in the challenge list, and possibly other strange things may occur.