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[FoGII] The Decline of an Empire

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:48 pm
by A Human Being

Field of Glory II


The Decline of an Empire


A narrative centered on the Field of Glory II shuffle battles, being made in custom battles that are not part of the campaign, focused on fictional events but with real macro events from the end of the life of the Emperor Majorian until the end of the Western Roman Empire. Accompanying the plot of Domitian Natta, and his commanders in the face of this decline.

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Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:52 pm
by A Human Being
Chapter I: Legion XVII Gallic

It was a cloudy afternoon near Lugdunum, where the troops were encamped, suddenly the soldiers were seen on the road, the tuba touched as the soldiers turned to look at the new soldiers arriving, in the front there were some men on horses, perceptibly the commander of these troops. Until at some point some of them descend from their horses while their troops begin to rest, they follow a few yards to a tent with 2 guards outside.

The commander of the troops stationed there let the men in, the first gives him a letter.

As he holds it, he says, "So ... you would be Lívio Balba, and that outside the Legion would be Galician?"

"Yes," said Lívio. He continued, "I was sent by the Master of Soldiers Egidio with the legion, to support the limits."

"Here you say it, and what did you bring with you?" Asked the local commander.

"He brought committees and an auxiliary cavalry." With a pause,Lívio spoke again, "And also came Sétio Nerva and Aelio Pulcro."

"Great, and are you aware that this defense is crucial? If he were under control Egídio would not send a legion, "said Domitian, the local commander.

Aelio raised his voice, "We are aware of the situation, it is well delighted, so we have not been placed in command of the legion, you Domitian, continue in command."

With his hand on his chin and looking at the side of the tent, Domitian said, "I see, the two defeats I have suffered, and followed, were the cause of this, they want me to show that I am not totally expendable."

"A change of command can now make matters worse, Egídio, and probably the emperor already knows of his defeats, after General Felix knows that you are the next in the command line, still here, too, because the invading the barbarians are not over, and you are the closest commander to the enemy. "

"My life depends on the military success on this frontier, probably or I will be in charge of another position for the empire, perhaps a more peaceful province, if there is one at the moment." Domitian continued, "Well, organize the troops, the barbarians are probably close by tomorrow, and send scouts to the north, at the moment we have few ineffectives. "

"Yes, sir," said the three newly arrived commanders.

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Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:57 pm
by A Human Being
Chapter II: Battle of Lugdunum

The next morning, the Gallic Legion XVII began to get ready for the game, following the river that passes through Lugdunum, hoping to meet the enemies on the flat ground between the river and a segment of mountains before the Alps. Domitian was warned that the enemies are coming from the north by their scouts, and organizes their defense, the expected is that they would arrive before the day finishes.

It was late afternoon, about 5 pm, when the approaching enemies were seen, but they were reluctant, and then Domitian, commanding the cavalry on the left flank, ordered Livyus with the committees and the boundaries to advance slowly down the hill, but were attacked by the enemy archers, while the skirmishers went to the enemy line with the tactic to attack and to run in the enemy infantry, Aelio Pulcro was put to command the cavalry in the right flank, while Séxtio Nerva was next to Lívio in the center with the infantry.


As the enemy advanced at the same time as the intended tactics, the cavalry on the flanks had begun to attack the flanks of the infantry, taking advantage of the fact that some troops were behind being delayed by skirmishers, while on the right flank, enemy skirmishers were surprised by the archers and the light cavalry of Aelio Pulcro.


Domitian on the left flank begins to inflict a great deal of casualties on the enemy, while part of the center's troops begin to envelop the enemy on the left flank, and the other side to do the same, assisting Aelio's troops, where on this side the cavalry do not had been efficient enough, while some limitations began to retreat before the barbarians.


The attacks continue, the enemy's left flank breaks, Domitian is successful, the barbarian infantry fragments and begins to flee, leaving King Gundíoco lost behind the troops, on the other hand, Lívio continued to climb the hill, causing the archers to flee. The cavalry of Aelio managed to make some units of infantry give in, but the majority of them do not give, on the other hand, they make the Roman infantry begin to give way, while the constant charges of cavalry of Aelio are repelled, but now he has the chance to return the battle, and inflict from behind the enemy infantry that already begins to suffer with skirmishers by the rear.


At the end of the day, after a few hours without a fight on the left flank, Domitian and his men are already shouting victory, raising their weapons to the heavens, on the right flank, Roman troops can break the enemy line, infantry after suffering very much, can reverse the situation and put the enemy troops to escape. King Gundíoco flees with the rest of his troops, more than half had been destroyed in those hills.

With the night already fallen, with the troops counting the dead, plundering the fallen bodies of the enemies, taking their spoils.

"What a glorious Domitian victory, Egídio would have been glad to hear of his victory!" Said Aelio, arriving at Domitian's campfire.

Domitian turns and says, "Or ... he will send me to serve any senator."

Livio and Séxtio who were seated begin to laugh, Lívio says, "Of course not, he will probably want you closer to him than in Mediolanum!"

"May God hear you, I would have wanted a general's office, or perhaps a legion to my commanding officer in Gaul," said Domitian.

"With the Emperor coming to Gaul I think we will continue with muddy feet ..." said Lívio.

Aelio interrupts him, declaiming, "Or in our houses with our women-while they laugh with glasses of beer in their hands-Look, until I taste my muddy red cape."

Domitian almost smiling, looks at his glass and raises it, "Sirs! Today's glorious victory! "And they all raise their glasses to shouts and laughter.


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Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:45 pm
by A Human Being
Chapter III: In Avaricum

"Domitian! General Domitian! "Shouted a well-dressed man at the end of the street," I am Libyan, officer of the office of the Master of Gaul, Egídio, I was sent to meet with you. "

"I am only Domitian, I am not a general, but come, follow us to the village (governor's residence)," said Domitian.

"Ah, sure." Libyus spoke, indicating to his subordinates to follow them as well.

Domitian, Lívio, and Líbio enter the village, reach the garden, Domitian takes the lead and says, "Ah-ra! Great Tulum! Hello my friend. "While smiling, I hugged him.

After a warm embrace, Tullio with his hands in Domitian's arms, the gaze speaks, "Domitian! I heard you defecated in your trousers near Lugdunum! "

"Well, you'd get all blown out too!" Said Domitian.

"Sit down, let's go!" Said Tulio, motioning for his servants to bring some drink.

"Oh, Tulio, these are Livio and Líbio, they are with me" exclaimed Domitian.

"Come, come, sit down, too." Flicking his arms, said Tulio. "Domitian, I assure you, I will do everything to become general, these provinces need to be defended," continued Tulio.

"It's ... That's right, Egídio sent me to give the necessary glorifications." Líbio interrupted.

"I thought they would send me to Dalmatia!" Domitian River.

"No, not my friend, only the best commanders go there!" Everyone started laughing at this talk of Tulio.

"This so that you take command of the Gallic Legion XVII." Líbio said.

"Apparently he would have to stay in Lugdunum for a few years then," Domitian thought to himself.

"Certainly, you were in charge of the defense against the Burgundians to the north, Egídio already has to worry much with the francs," said Libio. "Oh, and do not worry if the Emperor needs to sanction the Legion's command, that's already done, he's in Arelate." Líbio continued.

"Okay, tonight do the proper ceremonies, tomorrow I'm going back to Lugdunum, of course if Tulio gives us an appropriate place," Domitian said looking at Tulio.

"Of course, yes, the measures will be taken, stay two more days, we have to get our conversation up to date, and you did not even tell me how many barbarians you killed in Lugdunum! I'm certainly still ahead, "said Tulio, laughing.

"What do you mean? You have not caught a Spat for years! "I continue Domitian.

The Night had become long, after the strikes between Líbio and Domitian, he took his journey to return to Egidio's office, while Domitian, Tulio, and Livio continued in the night discussing matters in the wind.

Returning to Lugdunum, Domitian began to disband the límitanes, and to arm the houses for the rest of the troops. Líbio, Sextio and Aélio were placed in the highest positions of the legion, since they were already part of it before Domitian.

Egidio was expected to summon the legion to invade the kingdom of the Burgundians, but without these orders, only scouts and small detachments entered the territory to verify the movements of the Burgundians.

In a letter to Égidius, Domitian had written, "To the Master of the Gaul Soldiers, Egidio. The Burgundians have not done any invasive movement all year, not even if batters were seen, for some reason they are peaceful enough for us to make a surprise attack, but the orders were clear, wait for orders. I will continue to follow her. "

The pacification at the border was going very well, the King Gundíoco did not even want to send diplomats to notify not to enter their territory.

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Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:47 pm
by NikiforosFokas
Excellent ! Nice job.

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Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 10:18 pm
by jjaquemond
Excellent AAR - also love the use of the Mass Effect Mod. Those photos/armies look great!

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Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 6:31 pm
by A Human Being
NikiforosFokas wrote:
Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:47 pm
Excellent ! Nice job.
jjaquemond wrote:
Tue Jan 15, 2019 10:18 pm
Excellent AAR - also love the use of the Mass Effect Mod. Those photos/armies look great!
Yes, Mass Effect Mod is really good!

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Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 6:35 pm
by A Human Being
Chapter IV: The Resumption

After months in command of the Gallic Legion XVII, Domitian and his troops awaited orders from Egídio who still fought to defend themselves from barbarians to the north. Until Libyus arrives in Lugdunum.

He had been greeted by a cold, not very cheerful scene of a military encampment, in fact it seemed more like an everyday environment of officers' offices in inner provinces, silence was well observable.

In his room, which spent most of the day, Domitian sat in his chair, behind his desk in the fort built by the soldiers, little was seen of Livy, Aelius and Séxtio in the vicinity.

"Sir, a man named Líbio is here to see you," said the guard entering Domitian's room.

"Oh, have him come in." While writing on paper.

"General Domitian, I come here under the orders of Egídio," said Líbio.

"Yes, of course, Líbio, sit down," said Domitian, rising from his chair. "So ... what would be the subject?" Domitian continued.

"It is not a routine report, actually a report before you take the Gallic Legion XVII to the meeting of the Burgundians to the north," exclaimed Líbio.

Domitian turns around with a surprised face and says, "But of course, well I have all the paperwork on the soldiers right here, can I give you, besides, when he wants me to raise the soldiers?"

"A month from now, as he says in this order on paper, well I'll stay here for a month, he expects me to invade the rear of the Burgundians, because they have caused problems in the north." "In addition, with their monthly reports, the Burgundians seem to have neglected the border here, for Egídio this would be a perfect time for the counterattack," continued Libio.

"It seems to me something great, it seems to me something that Egídio would act under the Emperor's orders." Domitian said as he thought about.

"It's something that Egidio wants to do alone, you know, the Emperor won the Burgundians two years ago here in Lugdunum, but now that his plans to invade the vandal kingdom have been destroyed, I think it would be wiser to go back to the capital. In addition, Egidio is in charge of this diocese, and has always been outside the incursions of the Emperor against the barbarians. "

"Yes, yes of course, I will communicate to Lívio, Aelio and Séxtio." Domitian finished.

The weeks have passed, the limmites have been called again, the preparation this time is on a larger scale. Egidio expect to transform the Burgundian Kingdom into federates and provide troops to the empire. The following month, the preparations were ready, the Gallic Legion XVII had begun its incursion within the territory of King Gundíoco.

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Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 6:40 pm
by A Human Being
Chapter V: Battle of the Vensontian Fields Part 1

The legion departed along the river, expecting it to reach Vesontium, before the Burgundians lifted their army and headed for the Romans. And this did not happen as expected. King Gundioco's army returned after he had plundered the northern border of the Romans, where he had entered skirmishes with Egidio.

With King Gundíoco knowing that a legion had entered his territory, he quickly led his army across the river that cut Vesontio to meet his army. Now the Romans would be prevented from advancing as far as Vesonius, as Domitian had hoped, in addition to whether Egidio had ceased to pursue Gundiocous and to the frontier with the Franks.

Two days later, within a day's distance from Vesontium, the scouts return to Domitian, informing them that Gundioco's army is just ahead, in the adjacent forests. Domitian realizes that it is time to put the soldiers in position, placing the limítanes, comitatenses, auxiliary palatines and barbarian mercenaries in the center, with the left flank at his command the heavy cavalry and skirmishers straight ahead. With Lívio and Séxtio (this time in command) of the infantry in the middle, and in the left flank with Aelio.

Domitian calls on his commanders to discuss strategy at camp as soldiers begin to form on the battlefield, knowing that Gundíoco is closer to a pair of hills ahead, Domitian places Lívio in a defensive position with the mercenaries, while on the side where there are no hills, Séxtio tried to be less defensive in the attacks, while Aelio is expected to charge on the enemy's right flank, while Domitian with light infantry throw darts at enemies when he can.


The continuation of the battle begins to be out of the expected one of Domitian, while the Burgundians advance on the infantry in the center, the cavalry in the left flank disperses is delayed to attack the flank, he himself begins to engage in a battle against one of the generals Burgundians, while Aelio begins to put the strategy to work, Lívio receives the light infantry that fled the enemy infantry, they brought them down from the hill, as expected.


In the center, some detachments suffer heavy casualties against the enemy and begin to retreat, worrying Livio and Séxtio, even more because not all enemy infantry have engaged in battle yet.