Gladius - v1.1.0 Change log

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius Relics of War brings you to a world of terror and violence. Four factions will engage in a brutal war for dominance over the planets resources.
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Gladius - v1.1.0 Change log

Post by AlbertoC » Fri Oct 19, 2018 1:27 pm

We are releasing a new update accompanying the Reinforcement Pack. You can find the full changelog below.

Change History:
v1.1.0 – 17th October, 2018

NOTE: Saved games from previous versions may cause inconsistent behavior when using certain weapons and abilities due to balance changes.

Reinforcement Pack (DLC) - New Units
- Flash Gitz (Orks) - a versatile ranged infantry unit.
- Immortals (Necrons) - a medium-range armoured infantry unit.
- Land Raider (Space Marines) - a massively armoured transport unit.
- Neophyte Hybrids (Neutral) - a ranged infantry unit specialized in ambushes.
- Tempestus Scions (Astra Militarum) - an elite shock infantry unit.

- Reduced ranged damage reduction for city, forest and imperial ruins from 50 to 33%, for outposts from 25 to 17%.
- Reduced Devastator Space Marines squad size from 4 to 3.
- Rebalanced Artefact boni: reduced damage bonus from 20% to 10%, healing bonus from +1 to +0.5, hitpoints bonus from 20% to 10% and loyalty bonus from 4 to 3, removed sight boni.
- Increased Canoptek Scarabs group size from 3 to 4.
- Reduced Canoptek Scarabs attacks from 4 to 3.
- Added Power of the Machine Spirit ability to Stormraven Gunship.
- Jokaero Digital Weapon now has a cooldown of 3 turns, 1 attack, 12 damage, 8 armor penetration, 100% accuracy and range 2.
- Mourning Blade of Lazaerek now cleaves 0.75 additional members instead of 1.5.
- Tweaked research trees.
- Starting resources now scale with game pace.

- AI now gathers intelligence data on enemy units to take into consideration which units to build to best counter them.
- AI now takes a look at the units it can build in each building and prioritizes buildings for units that are assumed to fare the best.
- AI now researches all units for the buildings it already has constructed with high priority.
- Improved the AI evaluation of units in relationship to group sizes, blast effects and amounts of attacks.
- Changed algorithm that determines when the AI expands, now being tied to loyalty. This way the AI will expand quicker on higher difficulty levels.
- Added AI support for Tank Commander abilities.
- Added AI support for Chaplain abilities.
- Added AI support for Warboss abilities.
- Added AI support for Lord elite.
- Added AI support for Destroyer Lord elite.
- AI Librarian now uses Shockwave.
- AI Lord Commander will now only use Bring it Down when there is at least one friendly adjacent unit.
- Improved AI usage of Captain, Cryptek and Primaris Psyker.
- AI now only uses Necrodermis Repair in rare cases instead of wasting influence on it whenever it can.
- AI no longer puts their economy in jeopardy by making too many heroes.
- AI considers military buildings more valuable when it doesn't have any.
- Water neighbor tiles are also no longer considered interesting for scouting.
- Fixed inconsistency in behavior between attacking and using abilities like Throw Grenade and Void Strike.
- AI now values tiles with wire weed less when deciding what to acquire.
- AI now considers maintainance cost of potential heroes.
- AI now takes into consideration how much the need for food, ore or requisitions will increase as its population grows.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the AI from stepping inside an opponent's city with ground units unless they could target an enemy.


- Removed damageByGroupSizeFactor attribute.
- Renamed damageByGroupSizeMaxAffected attribute to additionalMembersHit.

- Added Alexander Stumpp (Additional Programming) to the credits screen.
- Improved performance for all calculations involving modifiers.
- UPnP initialization is now performed threaded to prevent stalling.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a crash related to Mob Rule.
- Fixed an issue with Catachan Devils spawning on top of the lair.
- Fixed blast weapons doing incorrect damage in certain situations.
- Fixed accuracy of items and Orbital Bombardment scaling with unit accuracy instead of being fixed at 100%.

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Re: Gladius - v1.1.0 Change log

Post by Shuul » Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:38 am

Sounds so good :) Thanks! Are there still any Hero abilities that AI needs to learn?

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Re: Gladius - v1.1.0 Change log

Post by ErissN6 » Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:53 pm

AlbertoC wrote:
Fri Oct 19, 2018 1:27 pm
v1.1.0 Balance
- Reduced ranged damage reduction for city, forest and imperial ruins from 50 to 33%, for outposts from 25 to 17%.
What was the need to destroy a good balance?!? it was perfect.
Now Necron cleans all, infantry feel feeble, research for TacticalMarines become useless as upgraded TM become useless after midgame.

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