Gladius - v1.1.5 is out!

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius Relics of War brings you to a world of terror and violence. Four factions will engage in a brutal war for dominance over the planets resources.
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Gladius - v1.1.5 is out!

Post by AlbertoC » Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:03 pm

We are releasing a new update, version 1.1.5!

As usual we are improving and constantly finetuning both the gameplay balance and AI performance. We would like to thank all who took part in the beta testing and provided us with extremely useful feedback.

You can download the update from the Members' Area.

And it's just a matter of a few days before we unveil what is coming next...

Changelog Version 1.1.5

### Balance
* Changed loyalty resource output modifier from +/-2% to +1% for positive and -2% for negative loyalty.
* City tiles no longer exhibit zone of control.
* City tiles now obstruct vision.
* City tiles now provide ranged damaged reduction not only to allied units. City damage reduction is still only affecting allies.

### AI
* AI will now generally use their units in a more aggressive fashion when they think they have an edge over their opponent.
* AI now only considers retreating army to defend if the threat cannot be handled by the city alone.
* AI units that are too far away from the main army will now act on their own and try to accomplish things in the area where they are instead of joining up with the main army at all costs. They will still join the main army if they don't find anything else to do in their proximity.
* AI no longer disbands units.
* Librarian no longer uses Shockwave on artifacts.
* Fixed a bug that caused AI to not use their support units properly and also caused some other unintended behavior.
* Fixed an issue that prevented invading enemies spawned by quests to act as intended.
* Fixed a recent regression that could cause natives to not do nothing under certain circumstances.

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Re: Gladius - v1.1.5 is out!

Post by sIg3b » Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:40 pm

This sounds great! Anything that makes the AI more unpredictable and more dangerous is welcome!

2 Christmas wishes for next update:
-Make up/down arrows Hotkeys for zooming the map; my mousepad doesn´t have a wheel/middle button, so I can´t zoom at all. :cry:
-Make the Catachan Devils more scary (not just LOOK scary); I find them too easily dispatched!

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Re: Gladius - v1.1.5 is out!

Post by JPLOZ » Sun Dec 09, 2018 3:11 pm

One Christmas wish for next update:
Allow human player to play more than one faction.

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