Players' Guide to the FOG2DL for Season 10 . . .

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Players' Guide to the FOG2DL for Season 10 . . .

Post by stockwellpete » Tue Sep 01, 2020 5:04 pm

The Players' Guide

We hope you will take the time to read this very short players' guide. The organisers will assume that everyone has done so and that all the points contained within it are fully understood. It is advised to read this guide in conjunction with the Rules of Competition.

Please visit the FOG2DL forum regularly and log in so that you can access any private messages that may have been sent to you by other players or the tournament organisers.

The complete rules of competition are posted on the forum here . . .


The organisers will intervene on the basis of these rules where necessary. If you should need clarification on anything then please ask by posting your question in "The Rally Point: Discussion and Questions" thread or by sending a PM to myself (stockwellpete).

Rule 2

When choosing your four armies for the core league sections please choose armies from four different nations. If you were to choose, say, two Carthaginian armies and two Roman armies, then you would be asked to make other selections, which might lead to a delay. You may number your choices as 1, 2, 3 and 4 to indicate your preference if you want to. We cannot guarantee that a player will get their first choice army. Very occasionally a player may be asked to make a fifth selection. Please take care over your army selections and ensure that you have chosen armies that you enjoy playing with.

From Season 3 onwards the FOG2DL player ratings have been used to determine the order in which armies are allocated to players in each division. This means that if you know you are likely to be one of the higher rated players in a division then there is much less chance that you will get your first preference army.

Rule 3

It is expected that players will complete all their matches. The FOG2 Digital League tournament is an invitation event and entry rights may be restricted, or removed altogether, for those players who fail to complete their fixtures in the previous season, or who are held responsible for very slow play. So please think carefully about the number of matches you are going to be able to play in a season of 10 weeks duration. Each core league section will require you to play 9 matches (Biblical will require you to play 10) and a player reaching the final of the Themed Event may also play 10 matches. A player entering the maximum of 4 sections will have to play around 36 matches in total.

The tournament does have a time control system that is fairly strictly adhered to. The relevant rule here states, "Players must register one result in each section they have entered within three weeks of the start, and three results within each section they have entered within five weeks (i.e. the halfway stage) of the opening of the tournament, or they may be replaced by a player from the reserve list. Messages will be posted on the forum as the time control date approaches so please be sure to read them. We usually find that we have some latecomers to the tournament and we will put them on reserve lists for the various sections. Players failing the time control either at the three week stage, or at the half-way stage, run the risk of being excluded from that section of the tournament and being replaced by a player on the reserve list.

Rule 4

Most matches will use the "open battle" option and either “Large” and “Wide” (for 1600 point battles) or "Medium" and “Medium” (for 1200 point battles) settings for army and map size. From Season 10 onwards players will be asked to state a preference for either 1200 point or 1600 point matches in each section of the tournament that they have entered. Think carefully about this before the season starts as you cannot change your preference afterwards. The default size of battles is 1200 points for Biblical, Early Middle Ages and High Middle Ages; and is 1600 points for Classical Antiquity and Late Antiquity. The default size of battles for the Themed Event will depend on the historical period being featured in that particular season. Where players in a match have both chosen the same size armies then the game will be played at that size. Where players in a match have chosen different size armies then the game will be played at the default size for that particular section. Players may pick their own units so the "Player" Force Selection option is used. The "pot luck" terrain setting is mandatory for all matches in this league, unless otherwise specified. The only exception to this is when user-made scenarios are used in the Themed Event.

Note: "Pot Luck" terrain

Where the armies have different home map sets, the game will use the highest priority map set in the following list (highest to lowest): Tropical, Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, Steppe, Desert." The "Pot Luck" element determines whether the terrain is Agricultural, Hilly, Wooded or Mountainous.

Either player may initiate a match by posting a challenge in the appropriate thread in the competition forum. When challenging an opponent to a match, please remember to also send a PM (private message) to your opponent as well. This will help to avoid the situation where challenges posted on the forum are sometimes missed and matches are subsequently delayed. When setting up your challenges please ensure that they are password-protected. It is better to either use all lower case or all upper case in your passwords rather than a mixture of the two. When setting up the challenge inside the game, please use the "Comment" field to indicate who the game is for and which section and division the match is from.

Sometimes players will just issue one challenge, on other occasions a player might issue 8 or 9 challenges at the same time. Remember, if you put all your challenges up at the same time, you will undoubtedly find it necessary to periodically re-issue the challenges for the matches that have not been picked up straight away. It is entirely up to you how you proceed. All that is asked is that players try to arrange their matches fairly evenly across the sections they have entered rather than concentrate on just one section at a time. This is important with regards the Time Control system that is explained in Rule 4 and Rule 6.

There can be some tactical considerations to the issuing of challenges although not all players are concerned too much about this. For instance, what if you have a player in your division who has always beaten you? Is it better to play them at the beginning before they really get to grips with their army, or is it better to build up some confidence against someone you may have beaten before?

Charts are provided for each section that enable players to see which opponents they still have to play.

Please do not ignore a challenge from an opponent. If you are playing enough matches at the time and you get another challenge, please PM your opponent and try and agree a later suitable start date.

If a match is set-up incorrectly for any reason then it must be re-started as soon as possible.

Players may agree to re-start a match, within the first three turns of either player, if they feel the terrain is likely to lead to a sterile encounter or a draw. Players may agree to a maximum of 2 re-starts. If one player wants to keep the map then further re-starts will not occur.

Reporting the result of a match is the responsibility of the winning player. Please do this as soon as you can after the match so that the league tables can be updated quickly. Please do not keep 3 or 4 results and then post them altogether at a later time. If you have lost a match and notice that it has not been posted on the forum after a couple of days, please post it on the forum yourself and the organisers will contact your opponent to remind them of their responsibilities.

From Season 4 onwards, a marginal victory rule has been introduced whereby a player winning a match will only get 3 points, instead of 4, if the losing player has inflicted 50% or more damage on their army. The losing player will also get 1 point in such circumstances. Ties and draws (where players have inflicted 25% or more losses on their opponent) will get 2 points.

Rule 6

Most matches are completed within a reasonable time-frame but occasionally a game will take considerably longer if one player is either playing very slowly, or has stopped playing altogether.

Rule 6 states, "It is expected that all matches will be completed within one month of their starting date". So if you have a match that is coming up to being a month old and your opponent has either stopped playing, or is playing very slowly, please contact me by PM in the first instance and I will see if I can contact the player and get things moving again. If I cannot contact the player then the match will be sent for adjudication.

Rule 6 also states "Please notify the tournament organisers if you are unable to contact an opponent to start a match after 7 days have elapsed." If you have put a challenge on the forum and sent your opponent a PM but you get no response at all for 7 days then you should contact me by PM in the first instance and I will try and get the match started for you. Remember though, sometimes, it may be the case that your opponent is playing a number of matches already and does not want to start another one at this time. Provided they explain this to you and suggest an alternative start date then this is OK as far as the organisers are concerned. The tournament runs for 10 weeks and players are entitled to spread their matches out over this time.

Additionally, Rule 6 states, "If your opponent has not moved at all for 7 days without explanation then you are entitled to claim the match automatically by using the facility to do this on the multiplayer system." In these circumstances you do not need to contact the organisers. If you are going away for a week in the tournament when you are in the middle of some matches then you must notify your opponents, either in-game or by PM. If you feel uncomfortable about claiming a match under this rule then, after 7 days have passed without a turn, you may send a PM to your opponent asking him to play the next turn. If you hear nothing within 3 days then go ahead and claim the match. Please note that you cannot claim a match under this rule before the first Time Control check has taken place (i.e. in the first 3 weeks of the tournament).

Please remember that every match you play in the FOG2DL has something resting on it. There are no "dead matches". Even if you are languishing in mid-table with only a couple of matches left to play, and there is no chance of you being promoted or relegated, your matches still attract Player Rating points which will determine where you finish in the Ratings. These Ratings are produced at the end of every season . . .


Please do not resign a match if you are less than 15% behind your opponent’s score. Failure to abide by this rule may effect your entry rights in future.

Finally, in terms of resignations from the tournament, Rule 6 stipulates, "If you wish to resign from the league, or if you will not have time to finish all of your matches, please notify the tournament organisers as soon as possible. If you have not completed three matches in a division in a core section your record will be expunged completely. If you have completed three or more matches then the points available from any un-played matches will be awarded to your opponents. In the Themed Event, If you have not completed one match in a qualifying group you will be replaced by a reserve where possible. If you have completed one or more matches then the points available from any un-played matches will be awarded to your opponents."

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