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my two cents

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:49 pm
by GaiusMarius

bought the game on Sun even with some concerns regarding the move/altitude mechanics.... after some hours of playing I would say that the game is really fine and fun: the only issue is the (already mentioned by some on the forum) lack of a quick combat feature/scenario design tools.

W/o them, the only way to try to maintain an high interest on the game is to provide a steady flow of DLC, solution that should bring a relatively high cost with it and therefore the risk is to have a reverse loop- to jeopardize time by time the Customer Portfolio of the game itself and therefore to have an impact on new DLC design (less revenues=less development)

strongly suggest to add the aforementioned features therefore ASAP.

kind regards

Re: my two cents

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 1:28 pm
by Blackcloud6
I agree, bring on a quick combat/skirmish mode and scenario design ability.

Re: my two cents

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:27 pm
by Damascus
Going to move my two cents to this thread.

Green planes flying over green fields in scenario one makes it difficult for me. Scenario: Dogfight Over Convoy BOSOM: Both sides' planes are identically colored. Can we have green and gray? Too many icons and things clutter the screen. Can't figure out what many mean, except through trial & error. Example: scenario shows oblong box with ABCDEF and a yellow star on the left. E is red, B & C are blue. What does all that mean? I guess they're related to which side either starts or finishes there. Stands are useless in flight but desirable during setup. At least options are available during play. Yoke lets you climb by pulling back but not dive (I know you can use numbers on right, which are easier). Rules mention altitude bands (CAB & TAL). The number on the aircraft readout is the CAB (I think), but what about the TAL? What are these? And where did you find the answers? Happy to go there myself and look. Rules mention QRC card, where is that? Rules mention setting up formations, how? Stuck now, game won't advance since it says I need to plot all moves in a cloud. I tried every move possible and nothing works. Had to quit. Game needs seriously more documentation.

I'd like to see: 1) Easier recognition of which plane's turn it is to move. When several are close together the diamond above the plane is not a clear indicator. 2) A yellow box around the current plane in the list on the side instead of the pale color it is now. 3) Planes suffer damage even when there is no shooting (lucky hits, collisions?). Impossible to tell which plane is hurting. Perhaps British damages should be in blue while German are in red? 4) As others have said, some sort of scenario generator. 5) The ability to finish a scenario already won (or lost).

So far, for version 1.0, this has a great deal of promise. Keep working on it.