Rules of competition

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Rules of competition

Post by stockwellpete » Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:46 am

Rules of competition

This is a knock-out competition - you have to win to stay in.

Slitherine are sponsoring the competition. The two finalists will receive vouchers to be used in the Slitherine shop.

For all matches in this section players will select "Open Battle" and will field a "Medium" army and choose a "Medium" battlefield unless otherwise directed. Players are free to customise their army before each battle so "Default" is the correct Force Selection option. None of the mods now available will be used in this competition. Terrain will always be "Pot Luck" unless otherwise specified. There are no exceptions to this standard set-up for a match.

Either player can initiate the challenge by posting the details of the match, including the password, in the "Arrange your matches here" thread. It is important to do this with regards to any adjudication process that may be required in cases where matches do not get started, or where they are not completed in time. It is also advised that a private message (PM) should be sent to your opponent as well when initiating a challenge.

14 days will be allowed for each round of the competition.

The winner of the match is responsible for posting the result and this must include the names of the armies that have been used.

Tied matches will be dealt with as follows. If the match has been played to a conclusion and both armies have broken then a tie-breaker will come into operation. The winner of the tie-breaker will be the player who has inflicted the most damage on their opponent's army. Tied matches where the damage inflicted is equal will be decided by a toss of the coin.

In drawn matches where neither player's army has broken, the player who has inflicted the most damage will be declared the winner. Matches that are drawn by agreement, where no losses on either side have occurred, or where the losses for both armies are exactly the same, will be decided by a toss of the coin.

Please try to start your games promptly and complete them as quickly as you can. Players who fail to start their games, or who "disappear" during their games, are very likely to be "knocked out" of the competition through the adjudication process.

(v2, 2019)


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