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New Player, new questions.

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:07 am
by LeGrandCorporal
Hi Admins

1. Just downloaded CNAW overnight @24kbs I might add- what on earth is wrong with allowing full speed downloads for a paid product?? Pretty poor I have to leave Mac and router running 5 hours to download a 350MB disk image file. Apple Software Update I regularly get 800kbs burst and others 300k isn't unusual. I'd look into the service you provide it through.
2. Where are patches to be installed for Macs**? Neither main web site nor forums provide easy user access to these.
3. First impressions aren't that brilliant- the prog is pretty invasive as it restricts ALL apps to its own parameters (screen real estate/ format etc.) and noise- that interminable music that I eventually turned off!

I'll come back with some interface suggestions, historical and playability issues sometime.

I've thoroughly read the manual, forums and responses, sparse as they are and would venture that the 'limits' of playability and finesse required by 'modern' gamers needs to be improved voluntarily, not when "we get more interest/ sales" which appears to be the current developers paradigm.

Make an exciting and innovative product that will sell, not expect punters to buy something and when you get around to it you will improve it. At the moment my $30 investment is paying me a $5 return.

FWIW, happy New Year,
regds dave

**Noting that a statement that download games includes all patches elsewhere hasnt applied to the game I d/l last nite- it is still signed as v 1.01!

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 2:30 pm
by IainMcNeil
Thanks for the mail. Can you let me know where it says the game comes with the latest patch applied - thats is not always true and is on a game by game basis and patches may have releasaed after that message was posted.