Net issues.. and attempted work arounds

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Net issues.. and attempted work arounds

Post by Chaotic » Mon Oct 15, 2018 10:32 am

Hi All

So I understand this is currently a hot topic for Gladius, but I thought I could assist with some ideas we tried in order for a work around and maybe help find an alternative solution

I am fully aware of the dev post about The UDP network, and it not being TCP so this is just a heads up, and hope it can help

We have 2 friends who play Gladius so we tried a bunch of things and some worked and some didn't, so I will just name them Alpha, Bravo, and I will be Charlie. I had all my firewalls of from the beginning and my UpNp enables

- So to begin host I added Alpha, but couldn't add Bravo due to server issue, he attempts to turn off all his firewalls, and enables UpNp, I recreate game invite him first and he manages to connect, Alpha can no longer connect, this persisted permanently, he turned his firewalls off.. and enables upnp.. but nothing changed for the rest of the night.. going forward Alpha could no longer connect to me

- Direct connect to Public Ip would also give the exact same issue

- Bravo hosts a game, and All of us could connect without an issue.. however for some reason 3 turns in it would crash or so

- did Ipconfig /release /renew /flushdns with no changes (and restarts ofc)

I must now however say that Alpha and I have had 2 games in the past one with an additional friend without any issue.. , I can try assist by getting everyone's .nfo file with dxdiag to help out anymore than that

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