[Mod release 1.08] Imperial Guard Expansion: tens of new units and new technologies

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[Mod release 1.08] Imperial Guard Expansion: tens of new units and new technologies

Post by Aekar » Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:50 pm


This mod expands the Imperial Guard faction. For now it adds 21 New Units, 36 New Techs, 9 Weapons, many new buildings, and new abilities such as imperial doctrines and national decisions. The new game goes up to research Tier 13 and also has superstructures: endgame buildings which occupy 3 slots.

This is a first step in a direction that will give to players also new Imperial Guard Legions: with regiments from the Steel Legion, Cadian Shock Troopers, Catachans, Mordians, Death Korps, Elysians, Tanith first, Valhallans, Vostroyans and Tallarn desert fighters... all released as separate playable factions, with their own units and specs and solo campaigns.

The mod is currently being tested by all players who feel like it.
This means it could have crashes etc and not everything should be stable, but you can join the fun too :)

Unit List

Units include:
  • HQ Detachments such as the Astropath, the Master of Ordnance and the Ministorium Priest ;
  • Command units like the Platoon Command, Commissar, Company Command ;
  • Fast attack vehicles such as Bane Wolves, Devil Dogs or Hellhounds ;
  • Armored transports like the Chimera APC and Taurox APC ;
  • Missile vehicles like the Manticore and support artillery such as the Wyvern.
  • Light infantry units such as Conscripts.
Full unit roster and building roster available on our testing playground.


The mod and its new Imperial Guard faction aims at being a huge remplacement for the Astra Militarum ; you should hopefully never have to get back to vanilla AM. :P
It's made for all of us players to enjoy the game while awaiting further DLCs.
I like to expand released factions with much more content, this way I never harm potential sales and I increase our gameplay value.

It does not aim at being a uber faction or anything.
It should be balanced, though obviously will be more balanced with other factions from the same mod family.
It also tries to reduce minmaxing options.
Yes, using waves of conscripts as meatshield is interesting, but won't get you very far as well.
Yes, artillery bombardment is great on soft units, but you can't use it for 30 turns.
Yes, new leaders are great, but they are not hero and don't have refractor shield, they are squishy.

It could be played also in cooperative and pvp multiplayer.


- The mod is currently poor art-wise.
- Icons should be OK but do not expect great models. Simulation experts will enjoy the gameplay, but at first will not be at ease with current models. This is because I work alone on this.
- oh yes: and crashes. If you want something more stable just come back to play it later :)

Model quality will of course evolve in the following weeks and months.

Full Documentation

Download documentation (PDF)

The Testing Playground also has complete unit roster list.

Some examples

Faction Screen

One of the many factories:

Tech Tree:

A Manticore Unit:

Some units (Hellhounds, Devil Dogs, Bane Wolves):

Ten units per Platoon:

Some doc excerpt:


Master of Ordnance and one of his 3 skills:

Ministorium Priest and one of his 3 skills:

So where can I test this?

Just head to our Testing Playground to get started. This is a shared Google document. No point making a mess here we have archived versions.

The game archive is here:
Download Imperial Expansion (version .02c)

For 1.08 extract that into a Documents/Proxy Studios/Gladius/Mods folder.
Yes, you also have to create that "Mods" folder ;)

Artists featured

Conscripts texture has been made by PotatoMcWhiskey !

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