[ Mod Release v1.2.2 & DLC's] Alien Landscape v1.0

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Corporal - 5 cm Pak 38
Corporal - 5 cm Pak 38
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[ Mod Release v1.2.2 & DLC's] Alien Landscape v1.0

Post by Jaylo101 » Sat Mar 09, 2019 6:02 pm

Alien Landscape v1.0

As Gladius does not have any landscape options other than the standard green grass\trees, beige sand etc, i have created a mod inspired by the Fungal Biome from Civilization: Beyond Earth to make a similar landscape in Gladius.
So if your bored of the standard terrain colours then try this for a different experience.

I have edited terrain and feature textures to make an alien like landscape.
Also the Tropical map lighting setting has been changed as this just puts an overpowering green tint on everything.


Place the mod folder in "YOURNAME\Documents\Proxy Studios\Gladius\Mods\".

Hosted on Nexus Mods:
https://www.nexusmods.com/warhammer4000 ... escription

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