Alternate order variants

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Alternate order variants

Post by zgrssd » Sat Aug 01, 2020 6:16 am

The orders are quite nice, but maybe the game could stand some additional orders? Alternate versions of the existing order. On the UI side, those could simply be modifier keys.

Limited "Rest until Healed"
Currently the "Rest until Healed" order will rest until the unit is 100% healed. Even if that means the last turn, only 1% of actually HP healing happens. The limited version would continue healing only while:
- models are missing
- the next healing tick would not be bigger then missing HP

This is most usefull for Necrons and Orks, with their passive healing. After all, scratches that do not actually loose a model can be healed by "walking it off".

Melee Attack Preview
When a unit has a main melee weapon and a Range 2+ weapon, the attack preview will default to a ranged attack - unless the unit is right next to the target already.
Melee attack preview would instead show an attack from distance 1 - including the use of melee attacks and weapon abilities like rapid fire.

Overwatch Damage Preview
It is not a secret that units take overwatch damage from advancing. And at least for the enemies that you can see, it is a calculateable factor:
Sometimes model losses from advancing make the originally planned attack moot.
And sometimes you just want to trigger as many Overwatch attacks as possible with one unit, to minimize the damage.

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