AM starting units

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AM starting units

Post by Galdred » Wed Oct 24, 2018 12:23 pm

AM starting forces are abysmal, which snowballs into a mediocre early game, and a difficult mid game.
Of course, in FFA, it doesn't change that much, as the AI won't prioritize AM forces given that it has a low chance of bumping into them.
However, it doesn't change the fact that AM struggles early on.
It has the weakest starting units of the game, and even after the most needed commissars are out, AM units remain brittle : they turn useless units into glasscannons, but it happens too late (15 ish turns, between getting the tech, then the building, then the commissar...).
During this time, the AM units can do virtually nothing, as any 2 wildlife units can one shot an unit of guardsmen.
I think they need to start with a stronger force: One guardsmen should be replaced with a better unit:
Either a commissar (but that might make them OP, and allow them to skip the building altogether), or a heavy weapon squad or bulgryn.
I would favor the HWS, as it would be good enough, without being too high on the tech tree.
Tempestus would be great too, but given that it is a DLC unit, it might not work here.

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