Review of Light Chariot + Lt Spear

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Review of Light Chariot + Lt Spear

Post by madmike111 » Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:57 am

Fielded 8 average undrilled average light chariots + lt spear at a tournament on the weekend as part of a Libyan allied contingent. Took me a few games to get the hang of them but by the end I have to say they are excellent value for money.

I grouped each chariot (4) BG with a light foot jav (8) BG, the LF operated in front of the chariots, where possible with a gap of around 2.5 MU. The chariots were single rank while the LF was double. Used on the wings of the centre they proved a difficult combo to count for the enemy.

If charged the LF could evade, even with the worst evade roll it was enough to partly reach the Lt Chariots meaning they could then use the magic teleport to be placed behind the chariots, out of reach of the chargers. The chariots then had the option of evading or receive the charge. Against most enemy encountered on the wings (apart from Lancers) they had a +1 POA at impact (+0 against Cav lt spear). At melee the chariots provided 8 dice per BG, with 2 BG of chariots operating together there were opportunities to get overlaps.

As stated earlier the chariots also had the option to evade through their light foot if the chargers looked too powerful. With the ability to evade or stand and fight with double dice this proves a major headache for the enemy. If they want to fight with equal dice they need to mass up to 16 bases. If they do mass then the chariots can evade.

Proofed to be an excellent anti shooty cav force as well, those BGs of 8 jav men were difficult to hit with archery, needing 3 hits to even cause a test, plus they had rear support and a general.

The best thing about the force is that it was so cheap, the lt chariots are only 11pts each from memory. 

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Post by KiwiWarlord » Thu Apr 22, 2010 9:24 pm

Thanks for that tip MM111. I am just making up my Lydian Army which includes 2 BGs of Lt Chariots. Lydians have 16 compulsory bases of MF / LF which were causing me some problems now I will base them up as LF and brigade them with the Chariots.

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Post by gozerius » Fri Apr 23, 2010 12:54 am

And chariots, being on a 40 x 40 base, maintain their positions when turning 90 degrees. Who says base depth is unimportant?
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Post by shadowdragon » Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:09 am

Thanks for this, madmike.

This illustrates what I like about FoG. Just when you think everyone's got it all figured out, someone comes up with a new nifty tactic.

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