Carthaginians from Baccus?

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Carthaginians from Baccus?

Post by Brainsnaffler » Mon Mar 03, 2008 5:01 pm

Hello again!

I am looking at getting the Republican Rome Army and some Carthaginians to fight them, but there isn't a dedicated army pack for Carthage on Baccus' 6mm website (using DBx 15mm Scale bases).

What army would they most likely resemble or even better, what is their make up and what do I need to buy to use them? :?

Thanks for any help

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Post by hammy » Mon Mar 03, 2008 5:18 pm

Yes there is, it is listed as the DBX Punic army pack and contains:

DBX 15mm Punic Army

20 x African Spears
4 x Libyan Cavalry
4 x Elephants
8 x Scutarii
2 x Caetratii
3 x Balearic Slingers
4 x Spanish Light Cavalry
16 x Moorish Infantry
11 x Moorish Cavalry
16 x Celtic Warband
6 x Celtic Cavalry
(All quantites in strips/models)

The FoG Carthaginian starter army contains:

Commanders 3
Gallic cavalry 4 bases
Spanish cavalry 4 bases
Numidian cavalry 8 bases
Elephants 2 bases
African spearmen 12 bases
Gallic warriors 8 bases
Spanish scutarii 6 bases
Numidian javelinmen 6 bases
Balearic slingers 6 bases

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Post by Fenton » Thu Mar 13, 2008 10:45 pm

With the baccus stuff you'll only get enough for 4 strips per base for the African Infantry, I always like to use 6 to make it look like a unit of CO troops, just an observation so you may need to order more command strips etc to make up the units

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