Another (but subtly different) one on Later Carthaginians

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Another (but subtly different) one on Later Carthaginians

Post by bertiebeemer » Fri Apr 18, 2008 3:03 pm

Dear All

As part of changing from an, er, older ruleset, I've been gradually working through the armies that I have.

In the case of the Later Carthos, I have a more difficult problem as I only had a smallish DBM army and there isn't a cat in hell's chance of getting any more painted and based up. Which means I have to try and make a list out of what I have. Can anyone help me out further? What I have come up with so far, which is a little over my target points of 800, is:


I actually only have three general bases, so need to finesse something there if I use 4 commanders. And I can only get to 12 Cav by using the 8 Gallic ones, the 3 Libyphoenicians and the 1 Spanish Long Shield... Bloody DBM list...

The only other things I have to play with are:

4 Poeni Citizen infantry (shame I need 6 minimum if I'm to use them...)
2 Spanish Round Shield Cavalry (could I get away with 8 LH in total by adding these to the Numidians? Does that violate rule number 1?)
8 Veteran African Spearmen (the armoured ones with white shields)
8 Bruttian Veterans (could I use these as more Scutarii?)
4 Javelinmen (Moors in this case - see rule 1 above?)

Ultimately I could do a rebase if necessary but unless anyone is any good at copying figure painting styles using a wash technique (I can't do that for my life...!) then I'm stuck with what I have. They're Corvus Belli and the main units (spears, Gallic foot and mounted, Elephants) are superb and it would be a shame to have to get rid of the whole lot and start again.

Have run out of inspiration here so any thoughts greatly appreciated.

My main goal (as usual) is to have a nicely painted and reasonable army on the table for a period and list that I have interest in. No need to be a really well set up super list. I'm not that good that it matters!

Many thanks in advance


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Post by MarkSieber » Fri Apr 18, 2008 3:29 pm

My existing Poeni are also four bases--though of four figures, so I'm planning to rebase 3 per, and paint a couple of officer figures to get to 18.

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Post by meledward23 » Fri Apr 18, 2008 5:30 pm

I dont have anything to add about your list. But I have recently had succes with washing with the following technique. I bought a little painters pot (small bottle) to mix my washes in. I take a small paint brush worth of paint and dab it in the pot. Add about 10 drops of water, and 20 drops of Future Floor wax. and stir. Sometimes a little more paint, sometimes more water, sometimes more Future. After a few experimentations, you'll get a consistency that works for you. I use little pippet / eye droppers to add small amounts of liquids till the wash is what I am after. Finally, I have come to realize, if I think it is just right, It is often still about 2x as thick as really should be using.

The other nice thing about it is that the Future strengthens and protects the paint job.

Hopefully that may help you with washing to match your existing stuff.

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Corporal - 5 cm Pak 38
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Post by mdoolitt » Fri Apr 18, 2008 8:29 pm

There are several professional painting services that will copy the style of a sample figure. You can try

Fernando Enterprises
Reinforcements by Post
Philgreg Painting Service

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