Draft New Kingdom Egyptian List

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Draft New Kingdom Egyptian List

Post by madmike111 » Fri Apr 25, 2008 5:07 am

Hi, I have based this list on the DBM army book could someone who knows more than me on the subject comment if I have got anything wrong. I haven't at this stage worked out BGs as I am still buying all the lead.

4 generals - all on Lt chariots
10 Lt chariots - superior, drilled, bow (not sure what else they get)
18 Close Fighter -MF prot, average, drilled, lt spear, swordsman
6 axemen - MF unprot, average, drilled, heavy weapon
20 Archers - MF unprot, average, drilled, bow
8 Lt Archers - LF unprot, average, drilled bow
8 Javmen - LF unprot, average, undrilled, jav
16 Libyan warband - MF unprot average, undrilled, impact foot, swordsmen
16 Sherden - MF, protected average undrilled, swordsmen

The total comes to around 900pts.

Under DBM if you want either Libyan or Sherden you have to field the other, with FOG will I be able to field just one of these types?.

How many guards could an army field and what would they be armed with.

I mostly use OG15 figs that come in bags of 50 so I would prefer to avoid to many small one off unit types.

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