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Corporal - Strongpoint
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Post by MCollett » Wed Apr 30, 2008 3:14 am

Nobody seems to have talked about Khazar armies here so far. How does this look at 800 points?

Field commander (Khagan)
3 Troop commanders (Beg, Kende, Jawshyghr)
6 Nobles: Armoured Superior Undrilled Cavalry Lance Swordsmen
2x4 Royal Army lancers: Armoured Average Drilled Cavalry Bow Swordsmen
4x4 Royal Army archers: Unprotected Average Drilled Light horse Bow
4 Ras nobles: Armoured Superior Undrilled Cavalry Lance Swordsmen
2x4 Ras: Unprotected Superior Undrilled Light horse Bow Swordsmen
2x8 Slav spearmen: Protected Average Undrilled Medium foot Light spear
6 Slav archers: Unprotected Average Undrilled Light foot Bow
2 Bolt throwers: Average Undrilled Light artillery

This list emphasises the Royal army, with no Khazar levies and no Magyars (which I would take to be like the Ras, but with Average LH instead of Superior). My main doubt in the classifications is whether the Royal Army archers should be swordsmen. Less importantly, the bolt-throwers should perhaps be drilled.


Corporal - Strongpoint
Corporal - Strongpoint
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Post by sgtsteiner » Wed Apr 30, 2008 10:03 am


I would say that your list is pretty close to the mark, based on previous 'hints' by list authors re Early Bulgars, Avars and suchlike

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