New Kingdom Egyptian list - is this list likely to be legal?

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New Kingdom Egyptian list - is this list likely to be legal?

Post by timmy1 » Wed Apr 30, 2008 8:37 pm

I am not asking for a sight of the NKE beta list but as the majority of NKE foot will now be MF, I need to rebase as mine are mostly based as HF. As the NKE list will not be here before 2009, I need to ensure that I can continue to use my NKE in DBM in the meantime. To that end I want to ask the designers/list compliers will this sort of list will be legal, and if not what would I need to change to make it legal? It comes out at 750 points and is for the 1276-1200 BC timeframe.

4 x TC
2BG of 6 Light Chariots - LCh, Superior, Drilled, Bow
BG of 4 Egyptian Royal Guard - HF Prot, Superior, Drilled, Lt Spear/Swordsmen
BG of 4 Sherdan Royal Guard - HF Prot, Superior, Drilled, Swordsmen
3BG of 6 Close Fighters - MF Prot, Ave, Drilled, Lt Spear/Swordsmen
2BG of 8 Archers - MF Unprot, Ave, Drilled, Bow
BG of 6 Scummy Javelinmen - LF Unprot, Poor, Undrilled, Javelins/Lt Spear
BG of 6 Egyptian Light Archers - LF Unprot, Ave, Drilled, Bow
BG of 6 non-Egyptian Archers - LF Unprot, Ave, Undrilled, Bow
BG of 4 Gasgan - MF Prot, Ave, Undrilled, Impact Foot/Swordsmen

I don't know if the list is viable in FoG but...

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Field of Glory Team
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Post by hammy » Wed Apr 30, 2008 10:23 pm

Not far off a legal list...

I think that the BG size for the Gasgans / Libyans is very small, the norm for this type of troops is more like 8+ also I suspect that the javelinemn will not be so scummy. Other than that it looks like a fair list. You would not be shooting yourself in the foot if you painted up this list without the Gasgans.

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