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Newbie questions: 28mm Merovingian Franks, Gallo-Romans

Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:33 am
by Vycem
Hello everyone,

Please bear with a complete newbie starting the game. I've wargamed the usual for a few years but are now very interested in Historical gaming. I'm a HUGE fan of the Merovingian Franks, so of course they were my army of choice. I am trying to put together a 28mm version of the starter army from Wolves of the Sea, but ran into some questions.

1. What manufacturers produce 28mm Franks? So far I found Wargames Foundry, which is expensive and of limited pose, and Gripping Beast, which has horrible US shipping price but I guess cheaper than Foundry. Any others? I'm just surprised at how hard it is to find any Frank models out there. 15mm doesn't seem to have it as bad, but I'd really rather do 28mm as that's the scale I enjoy painting more.

2. How do you represent "Gallo-Roman Spearmen"? Do you just use Roman figures?

3. Where can you find 28mm camp elements?

Thank you very much for your help,