Early Achaemenid Persian Army

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Early Achaemenid Persian Army

Post by shadowdragon » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:03 pm

This army was posted some time ago but that was using Photobucket, so the links are now broken.

My Early Achaemenid Persian army:

4 Guard cavalry
12 Persian or Median cavalry
16 Immortals
48 Persian, Median, Hyrkanian, etc. (sparabara) foot
8 Skythian horse archers
6 Bactrian cavalry
8 Kaspian light foot archers
8 Armenian, Paphlagonian or similar medium foot (labelled Anatolian foot in the picture)
8 Mysian, Psidian or similar light foot javelinmen
4 Arab camelry
8 Phoenician marines
8 Egyptian marines
8 Indian foot
4 Indian heavy chariots

Some of the above violate the Field of Glory list maximums but the units are intended to fit into other armies. As listed above the army amounts to 1400-1500 points.

ImageOverview of Persian Army, on Flickr

ImagePersian Immortals, on Flickr

Other photos are in my Flickr album:


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