Mid-Republican Roman Army

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Mid-Republican Roman Army

Post by shadowdragon » Sat Oct 14, 2017 4:41 pm

Re-post of an earlier post of this army which now has broken photobucket links.

Last army spam for now - until I get another army finished.

My Mid-Republican Roman Army consists of:

40 Hastati and Principes
20 Velites
10 Triarii
12 Roman and Italian Allied Cavalry
8 Italian Allied Heavy Foot (these are intended for the Carthaginian army but I included them in the album because of they look good)
8 Italian Allied Medium Foot

According to the above that amounts to 1000-1100 points

ImageMid-Republican Army Overview, on Flickr

ImageRoman Legions II and III, on Flickr

More photos are in my Flickr album:


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