Fantasy General II - Patch 7 is out! New units and content

Fantasy General II - Invasion is the reimagination of the strategy game classic from the 90s!

Armies once again draw battle-lines on the war-torn land of Keldonia, and a new generation of commanders will test their bravery and tactics against each other. Fantasy wargaming is back!
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Fantasy General II - Patch 7 is out! New units and content

Post by AlbertoC » Thu Mar 12, 2020 5:10 pm

We are releasing the update accompanying the Onslaught DLC (official announcement of the DLC coming soon!).

You can find the full changelog below. As usual, we'd like to thank everyone who took part in the beta for Onslaught, your feedback has been amazing and invaluable!

This is a massive update: new units, new upgrade trees, and of course it comes with the new DLC Onslaught, which adds so many new features and content.

Let us know what you think of this update, and please tell us what you'd like to see implemented in the game.

Patch 7 Changelog:

New Features
Onslaught - "With the new DLC the ""Artefact of Power"" campaign is unlocked. Brave a branching and procedurally generated, massively replayable campaign."
Hall Of Fame - "Scores from your Onslaught playthroughs will be displayed here, so you can brag about your vitores in the mead halls!"
Flying Units - Added a new unit trees for flying units to Barbarians (Eagles) and Empire (Nightmares / Pegasi)

Additions / Changes

Summons - All damage dealt to summoned Units is permanent now.
Winds of Magic - Maps start with a random 2 to 8 Mana in top of any Mana granted by skills.
Kill Chance - The modified kill chance is now displayed for all units when mousing over the health bar. Berserkers now have -30% chance of being killed (instead of complete immunity).
Upgradable Volunteers- "Volunteer units that join your side can now also be upgraded as they do not receive the ""cannot upgrade"" promotion (This does not work for volunteers already received.)"
Volunteers - Now start on the same level as recruits (Falirson's Drill raises affects their level as well).

New Unit: Skeleton Archer - Skeleton archers can now be hired/summoned by the Empire
New Unit: Newt Clubbers - A melee variant of the Lizard Newts.
New Unit: Fire Spiders - Ranged spider that dissolves a target's armor; charmable
New Unit: Hunting Pack - This upgrade for the Dire Wolves they efficiently guide your army around difficult terrain and hunt down wildlife.
New Unit: Spirit Wolf - This upgrade for the Dire Wolves is an astral assassin that needs to leech life to heal.
New Upgrade Trees - Empire and animal (like wolves and bears) units now have their own upgrade trees.

Trackers Buff - All Trackers received +1 Search range
Flying Units Buff - "All flying units gain 25% missile protection and +1 Speed, so they cannot be taken out by missile fire as easily. 'Onslaught' DLC adds several flyers that counter other flyers."
Floating units - "Floating units (Ancestors, Gatekeeper...) can attack flying units in melee. Spirit Wolves are no longer floating."
Doughal improved - Received more health to make him less squishy.
Ulnar improved - Is now utterly 'Fearless'. As he should be!
Werebears improved - Improved the underutilized Werebears. They now shred target's armor with their claws.
Border Riders improved - Can now retreat and have become a bit tougher.
Longbowmen changed - "Have no defensive fire now, but deal additional ambush damage when not spotted. They are now the snipers they were supposed to be."
Harpies changed - "Harpies can only charm male units with disordered or lower morale state, but they can now Shriek (lowering morale and shielding themselves for some time)."
Pegasi changed - Received more health but do less damage in the wake of the new flyers available.

Centaur Archers Nerf - Have no defensive fire anymore and less health.
Lizardfolk Nerf - Reduced damage throughout (especially Swamp Dragons) to make them less lethal. Added non-magic Melee Newt variant. Changed Upgrade tree to include Swamp Dragons. Lizardfolk Hunters are now Trackers and can retreat (again). We will get those Sunken Lands sorted one day!
Armored Slingers Nerf - Now only have infinite support fire when on Rough terrain like the other slingers. They were just too powerful...

Defensive Locations - "Defensive locations such as towers and castles gain additional Missile Protection, making missiles less effective than melee or magic. You can still bypass fortification damage reduction with siege damage."
Entangle Status Effect -"Does not reduce armor anymore, behaves properly now when blocking movement"
Fog - Fog provides cover vs missile attacks.

AI distributes artefacts - "The AI now distributes artefacts form its inventory at the start of its turn, so artefacts lost to the enemy do not vanish."
AI Reinforcement - Overhauled rules about when and how AI buys reinforcements. The AI will also buy a more diverse army and have a limit on certain unit types.
AI protects their Property - AI now dedicates units to defend locations that are important to it and different factions choose different locations. This means Ai now often keeps its conquered locations guarded.
Restore Unit Costs - Adapted the formula to provide fairer refunds.
Cost Balancing "Due to many changes, costs and upgrade costs of units have changed"
Flying Units and Terrain - "Flying units ignore terrain modifiers, fixes a lot of issues like Flyers receiveing charge breaking when hovering over a town"
Fated Promotion - "Makes a unit ""Immune to Kills"" thus becoming more useful for units with several squadmembers instead of heroes or thanes."

Invasion Sunken Lands Maps - "Maps ""Shrouded Coast"" and ""Glowood"" now also end if your raid all the lizard hovels instead of requiring you to wait it out"
Iron Maiden Achievement - Achievement for winning Invasion campaign on Iron Maiden added
Unit Renaming Removed - Level restrictions on unit renaming. Name your unit whenever you want!
Tooltips - Unit Tooltips now displays faction name and color; Health tooltip exposes the Chance that a member of the unit is killed
UI - Savegames can now be filtered by Campaign
UI - Tooltips can now be scaled from 70% to 130% of its original size.
UI - "Decrease/Increase font size (from 70% to 130%). This will affect several but not all text elements (i.e. Quest Log, Dialogues, Resources, ...)"
UI - Skirmish menu has been redesigned.
Art - "Added new texture variation for the 'Great Wall' in Empire theme, so it looks more IMperial."
Content Editor - Implemented Scrollview for all Tree Views in the editor. e.g. Save/Load Map dialogue
DLC displayed - Game now shows you which DLC you don't have and will forward you to the respective store
Multiplayer Clean-up - "Implemented button to removed a finished instance from ""Your Games"" list"


Mercenaries - "When progressing through the game, weaker mercenaries get locked and do not appear anymore"
Fear Aura - Does not stack anymore. Be brave!
Invasion Wolfhounds - "Fixed issue with upgrading them before their final event, does not fix wolfhounds you already upgraded."
Hiding - Fixed a bug where units wouldn't hide/unhide after Grow Trees / Wing Flap / Sentient Fog was cast on their location.
Memory Leaks - Various fixes to avoid memory leaks from starting / loading / exiting multiple maps in a row.
Mercenaries - Fixed an issue where available mercenaries would be refreshed after hiring all of them and loading a savegame.
Ambush - Fixed a bug where ambush wouldn't trigger for the last position the AI steps on.
Summon - Fixed a bug where hidden summons would still be visible to the user.
Camera - The camera will now center on spawnzones instead of already spawned units if you enter a new map.
Looting - Fixed an issue where summoning / hiring a unit onto an unexplored location wouldn't give you loot.
Ambush - Summoning and Hiring now correctly triggers an ambush.
UI - Improved UI performance
VFX - Raid effect can now be seen within the known area.
Savegame - Overwriting an already existing savegame does not require double confirmation.
Animations - Fixed skill animation for skeleton units
Bugfix - Fixed some cases where units were not killed correctly
Animations - Ranged units will not play a melee animation when attacked if they don't have an actual melee skill
Barbarians - Gain no Mana from charmed units on those unit's deaths.
XP Bugfix - Fixed an issue that caused all enemies and volunteers to have double XP
Uncontrollable Units - Fixed a bug where units would flee each round after finishing a map in routed state.
Unit Movement - Fixed a graphical issue where units would snap to their formation position when starting to walk
Combat Previz - Combat previz doesn't show up anymore if there is no damage done. e.g. Winged Leap onto a an empty tile.
AI - Fixed an issue where the AI wouldn't move it's units after they have been released from an enemy charm
Looting - Fixed an issue where standing on a loot location while loading a game would grant you more loot. You sneaky people ;)
System - Fixed issues where game files couldn't be accessed in low access privilege environments.
Content Editor - Fixed an issue where the overwrite dialogue would be displayed behind the Save Map Dialogue
Skirmish - Don't show a gamename input field for non multiplayer games
Hiring / Summoning - Improved UI performance for opening the hiring / summoning unit selection.
Multiplayer - Fixed various issues where the game would show the incorrect state of a finished game
Auras - Fixed an issue where auras of dead units would still be counted during the next action
Turn Indicator - Fixed turn indicator in multiplayer. Should now always show the enemy name instead of AI and also pop up during replaying your opponents turn.
Multiplayer - Fixed issue where multiplayer would become unusable after 1 hour of being logged in.
Ownership - Fixed an issue where Summon Mists and Wing Flap would cause settlements and castles to be owned by the casting player.
Restore Unit Fix - Fixed an error which caused single unit troops that received too much permanent damage to drop to level 0 (e.g. Empire Siege Engines).
Charge Line and flyers - Fixed a bug where flying units would block ground charges
Shrine Effects - Due to an internal change the effects a shrine gives you may have changed.

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